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    Judge people and companies on their actions and not their words or the words of others. Palm's actions have been consistent over the years. Now I will base my opinions based on their actions. They denounced overclocking devices because they knew it would take the thunder out of the Pre2. If there was a real problem with overclocking they wouldn't have said anything at all about it. They would have enjoyed selling us new devices after we bricked our phones. But overclocking works too well, so they had no choice but to give the Pre2 something special, webOS 2.X is that special thing. That is the biggest reason they are withholding the updates to the older hardware. They need to sell the Pre2. My guess is they are going to take more control of the OS and close the "openness" as well. They will give all kinds of excuses for going back on their word, but the truth is if anyone from that company told me the time of day, I would check my watch anyway.
    Now that I've expressed my distrust in HP-Palm let me just say one more thing. They're just microcomputers with phone and internet capabilities. There is more to life then smartphones and other tech-gadgets. Move on to another product if you want or stay with HP-Palm if you want. But don't buy a product based on a promise, buy it for what it is now. Tomorrow never comes, we exist in today.
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    Are you telling me that you have made this a world were there is absolutely no one, not even your mother, that you can trust. Have you ever heard "A man's word is his bond!"
    Your post really saddens me. Yes HP has made mistakes but what are they? Gods? No their human. You also have to put yourself in there place. I mean REALLY. Study it out and ponder these things. If you don't know the pressure they have then find out. They have more to worry about than just making a concept of a phone and building it. They have to find ways to scrunch it into a thin device, all under a tight schedule while doing a million other things like....lets say being swallowed whole by another company...
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Another thing. Ruby isn't a stubborn person like Jobs over at apple. There is Flash on WebOS because the PEOPLE WANT IT. Jobs doesn't care. He thinks it has no future so let it be!
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Flash and Java, right? lol that's pretty impressive. I love the web browser on this thing. Beats my blackberry browser by like a million

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