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    Hello Everyone,

    Love this phone, and thinking about picking one up. The fact that VZN will let customers use this phone w/out a data plan is attractive. Would love to hear from anyone with experience using WiFi on this phone, as I live / work / play in a hotspot. My main uses, other than talk, would be texting and email. I'm assuming email can only be done in the hotspot? Any and all help appreciated!

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    The Treo with WiFi? I'm not sure about that, my 755p didn't have WiFi capability, at all.

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    The 755p is and AWESOME phone, and if I could get it to run wifi, I may not have made the switch to a Pre. The contact, calendar, etc are top notch and no one has made anything close to what that OS did for PIM data management, IMO.

    Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but after lengthy research into how in the name of Pete to get wifi on a 755p, I realized it is just not going to happen. There is no wifi adapter in the phone.

    Just to save you the time, here is what I found out. Even though Palm sold a wifi SD card for some of their non-phone PDAs (you can find them on ebay), it was just that--an SD-sized card. The 755p has a mini SD slot. Obviously you can't put an SD card in a mini SD slot. I found a Chinese-made mini SD-to-SD adapter for about $15 online, BUT then you'd have to get a driver to make the card actually function in a Treo.

    Someone known as "shadowmite" hacked the card and offered a driver for the Treo 650, but Palm didn't take long to put a stop to that. I can't remember what happened, but his driver was rendered useless and we have nary a word from him ever again.

    http://= WiFi to your Treo 650! SD W...ed -- Engadget

    The only older Verizon Palm phone that has wifi (that I could find) is the Treo Pro, and that runs some version of Windows Mobile, not PalmOS--which totally defeats the purpose of getting a Palm. And there are no Pros to be found that have Palm OS on them.

    Yes, I loved that phone. It did everything I wanted it to do--except wifi.
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    Thanks, Kate. I didn't think it was possible, but didn't want to say a complete no, since I'd only used the Sprint 755p and never checked to see if one on another carrier may be different.

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    Interesting thread. Just looking myself to see if wifi is possible with Treo 755P. It appears to be with windows mobile version using minisd with wifi according to one post I read. (755W?) The nay sayers are usually on post back in 2007 or 2008, so wasn't sure. A mini sd card with wifi is currently being sold on Amazon.
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    I have a 755P. It is a great phone. It doesn't have wifi.
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    geez. That phone came and went on vzw within 6 months, no?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonLee64 View Post
    A mini sd card with wifi is currently being sold on Amazon.
    No way! Well, now all we have to do is find someone to write a driver so PalmOS recognizes the card. :P That would be awesome, though.
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    I had a Sprint 755p until just a few weeks ago when I *finally* upgraded to a Pixi (just didn't like the Pre build quality or the Pre's keyboard)....

    The 755p was the pinnacle of PalmOS phone....there are still many things that my 755p does much better than the Pixi and I agree whole heartedly with what katefields says about PIM data management...

    In fact in a lot of ways I wish webOS designers would go back and use a 755p for a month to get an appreciation of just how elegant and well thought out everything was...

    One thin I mis is the one button email check...I just held down the "mail" button and SnapperMail would launch and check my email... Nothing remotely like that on webOS (that I've found)....

    Oh and do NOT get me started on backing up....Being able to do a complete and thorough restore from the memory card saved me several times... Why webOS doesn't have that same capability borders on a crime...
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    755p was a trooper. Great call quality, speakerphone...

    the only thing that bugged me was the sms lag when you would send a text message... you couldnt leave the app or do anything until it was "sent"....

    The tree 750w never had this problem(and ran ****ty windows 6)
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    Ironically I just dropped my Palm Pre Plus because it died on me (5th one in 18 months). I have six months left on my contract and didn't want to pay for a new phone, so I whiped out the old Treo 755p and I'm quite happy with it.

    To answer your question wifi is not built in but you can buy a wifi card for it that goes into the SD card slot.

    One of the best parts of the 755p is the fact you don't need a data package with it. I highly recommend the phone even though its really old, if you are wanting a PDA phone without paying the rediculous extra data package with it.

    I love Palm OS. I might actually just use the phone until it dies. It has over 5,000 talk minutes on it, and it is still sturdy, the buttons work great, and is the original phone I bought in 2008. I sure wish the Pre Plus could have been built like this.

    Bottom line even three years later I can recommend this phone to you.

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