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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ForTheRoad View Post
    you don't need 10,000 apps, you need 500 killer apps. ALL the big hitters, great apps and great WebOS phones will sell. The rest will follow.

    oh, and the phone needs to be for sale on my carrier so I can buy it. I hope they don't wait for apps to release the Pre3
    I agree with you. If they cover the basics really well (deep not shallow) and have some of the newest stuff being made, they should be alright.

    People don't use that many apps, they just want to know when the next great thing happens, they don't have to wait 6 months to get the app.

    If HP gets some good apps that folks haven't written for the iPhone/iPad yet, they could do themselves very well.

    They could literally take the top three websites in multiple categories and build the app to link to their data. Banks, brokerages, social networking, personal finances, real estate, yellow pages, location-based services, shopping, health, etc.

    Imagine 20 categories by 3 apps. That's only 60 apps. Current WebOS probably has an app for most of this stuff as a starting point anyway.

    Their problem is they don't have an iTunes or Google ecosystem to leverage. RIM is in the same boat.

    HPs got a shot but the Apple/Google ecosystem is going to be tough to recreate particularly with the consumer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    ...Add the fact that HP is going to develop free in-house versions of name apps so you don't know whether your Twitter or Facebook or whatever client will be overshadowed by a free official version developed by HP and likely pre-installed on devices.
    Oooops, bad example. The in house free Facebook app was voted the best facebook app for any mobile device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullroarer Took View Post
    I'm racking my brain for any consumer app that HP has created, but I can't think of any. My kneejerk reaction is, "they're a hardware company. They write printer drivers."
    Already covered in another thread. HP has many applications, but one that comes quickly to mind (because it's almost an industry itself) is HP Open View, now HP Open Call.
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    not gonna happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    I think this is the most telling part:

    Same old stuff. Compare that to the apps Apple and Google showcase on their sites.
    aren't a bunch of those launch apps too?
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