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    Sure I'd like to see a phone like that. But I think HP is still playing catchup and so I don't see this coming anytime soon.

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    As has been mentioned earlier here. They are just now ramping up production on the models shown last week. Along with the Touchpad there was to be a smaller version of it. Which wasn't announced. If we follow what HP has done with their current lineup of phones. We have 3 different size variations. Veer, Pre2 and Pre3. All are basically the same product.

    Let's say when the Touchpad is to go on sale. We get another event that shows the smaller 7in Touchpad. And to steal a lil Apple showmanship. They mention that BY THE WAY. We have a 4in Touchpad phone. I wouldn't put it past them and it would make alot of sense.
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