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    The Official HP Palm Blog: Thanks (really!) for the feedback
    Yesterday was packed with announcements about our latest products, partners, and personnel. We heard some great feedback about the excitement around our news.

    And we also heard some concerns and frustration about a few specific issues, such as a lack of detail around product availability timing and pricing, and especially about the absence of future over-the-air updates for older webOS phones.

    Rest assured that the HP team has been hearing these concerns. To make the experience you’ll have with the Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad as powerful as possible, we’ve had to make some tough decisions that had an impact on our earlier webOS devices.

    Our original expectation was that we’d be able to support older phones as well as the new product line. But ultimately it became clear that we would need to choose between supporting the past with over-the-air updates and ensuring that our upcoming devices would live up to your hopes and expectations for them. It was a difficult and, frankly, painful decision for us, and we realize it was a frustrating outcome for many of you.

    We’re working on something that we hope will help make things right for you. We’ll be sharing the specifics with you when they’re ready. Although some of the outcry has been a little hard to take, we also appreciate the fact that you care enough about what we’re doing to express your reactions. (And we even manage to get a chuckle out of some of your more pointed criticism – yes, jonnybryce, I’m talking about you.)

    Jon Zilber
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    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    At least we get a response. No hard feelings here other than it obviously just plain sucks we wont get 2.0. Seems they had a good reason. Hopefully whatever they are working out for us will be a good thing. I will still get the Pre 3 when I am eligible for an upgrade.
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    I thought it was pretty funny they mentioned that video. At least we know they're listening.

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    man this is a great response. i guess the only real thing that is frustrating is that they had all these great devices ready for show but just left so many things up in the air... communication with them is a world of a difference comapred to apple. can you imagine when they decide to move on from ios one day.... im sure the only response you would ever get from them is something to tone of " deal with it" . here we have HP donating servers for homebrew, i mean seriously i feel like they are more than doubling down on webOS, Palm stumbled out of the box with pre and now they are taking the time to line up all the ducks in a row. i think we have really a new begning and if the pre3 comes to sprint, sign me up~!
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    Yeah, I just read the interview with Jon at Engadget -- no sense in releasing 2.0 to Pres and Pixis if it doesn't make any sense and/or if everything is gonna get bumped to 3.X and Enyo integration anyway. They probably thought they could tweak 2.x into working well on the old machines, but never got any results that weren't buggy and generally not ready for a discerning market.
    If HP had released 2.x for original Pres, and its performance sucked (and what I hear from those that have used the leaked doctor is not so good), I can imagine that people would have been angry as well.

    The fact they always repeated their promise to update the first wave to 2.x is, however, still a bit sore. But then again, I can't count on my two hands the times I've promised something, really meant to do something, tried hard at something, and couldn't pull it off for some unexpected reason, so I'm hesitant to call them liars.

    Let he who is free of sin throw the first rock.

    I'm still very disappointed and hope that HP has something nice to offer original Palm webOS users -- and not just a $50 dollar discount in the US, completely ignoring the rest of the world -- because while I love webOS, the competition really has almost caught up with it while Palm was incapacitated and dying and later when HP was rearranging limbs and preparing to run off. The time they took is fine with me. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Reconciling the enraged userbase is something worth doing.

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