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    From a story (the one about the new Sony high-end handheld):

    "Handspring, which has said nothing about plans for an OS 5 device, is planning to announce next week a software upgrade for its Treo handhelds that adds improvements to several of the Treo's features as well as the ability to work with always-on GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) networks.

    The upgrade will be available in Europe and Asia first, with the United States to follow in the coming weeks, sources said. The GPRS upgrade has already been made available in Singapore and New Zealand, but Handspring warned customers outside those countries to wait for software designed to work with their carrier. "

    Geeze!! Everybody's gonna have GPRS before we do! The "coming weeks"??? How vague is that?????

    My patience is still here, but running very thin....
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    I installed the previous update that we were not supposed to do. It worked, and I just got a replacement 270 in less than 24 hours for the loose stylus issue! I'm feeling lucky, cause it's worth waiting for the US version. I do feel dialing up sucks, and it is definitely slower and not always connected -- but you can't reverse your treo if you flash the rom, and you void your warranty. Hopefully only a couple weeks.......aaarrrrgghhh

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