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    im using a pre minus so i know about lag lol but is there really lag on the pre3 with 2.0 and the touchpad with 3.0 in alot of vidoes ive seen on those devices there still seems to be the a little bit of lag which isnt a big concern just annoying with smooth as hell os's like ios and wp7 and android finally getting smooth and nice like there galaxy s line and some of there other devices, its disappointing that not only hp cant deliver on hardware but they cant deliver on software? honestly ive given up on webos......... wp7 here i come........
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    I believe that both devices are in beta. Also i did see a few apps instantaniously
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    oh thats explains it yeaa i noticed the touchpad had alot of things going on, on it i think it was gizmodo who said it seemed slow i was thinking it was becuz it was heavily multitasking

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