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    Quote Originally Posted by Maracuja View Post
    i think ruby is an Apple sleeper agent set in Palm now HP to ruin and he sent Mattias duarte to ruin Android lol
    Your logic doesn't make sense. Palm was already in ruins when he joined. All they had was a bunch of product ideas that got canceled (read: Foleo.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    "Ruby" was not ceo when the verizon deal was made. He wasn't CEO when the advertisement with the creepy women was made. And the moms thing was a Verizon decision.

    He was the guy who created webOS, and managed to get palm sold for about 2 times the price of what the stock was at before webOS. 2 times the stock value in 2 years is actually a fairly decent accomplishment. Has he made some mistakes, sure, but everyone makes mistakes. Plus, at Hp he's now back to doing what he does best: products.
    If he's best at product development, and HP stripped him of that role for the future tablet line, and the TouchPad is being widely panned, maybe he's not that good at "products" after all.

    If HP is actually responsible for cramming the TouchPad's specs down Ruby's throat, he should have resigned to keep his reputation from being ruined.
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