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  • Yes, Remove Palm and penalize them

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  • Yes, Remove Palm's brand and penalize the shareholders no matter how small they pretend to be

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  • No, I think it was an honest mistake and all their computers must be down for the last 6 months

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  • No, I think Palm should debut 6 more devices and pretend like their released to the publc

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  • No, I like the fat chicks and the *****s whom run palm.

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    Palm has disregard its own information to produce sales and intentionally befuddle the trust of its consumers on a repetitive basis. To this moment there are still advertisements for applications that do not exist.

    Software never released and now non-updated software after guaranteeing the release on their own terms to customers. Believe that it is that bad to do such a thing. There are now 3 other phones released with supposed support for with less then 1,000 purchases.

    Palm refuses to look at other structured businesses to produce adequate competition and legitimately believes its few niche features are strong enough to have to look at these products.
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    No thank you, had enough of my $6 checks and $200 Dell, Maytag coupons.
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    Good luck with that!

    No company is obligated to eternally support any of their products.

    No to mention the ton of other things wrong with this idea!

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    You know I don't even remember how much I paid for my Pre way back when it was released. But I am pretty sure I have gotten more than that amount of use/enjoyment out of it.

    Now figure out a way to sue to force Sprint to carry the Pre3 and I will fight along side.
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    So what's your cause of action (what specifically do you want to sue them for)? What are your damages (what is the monetary value of the harm they have caused you)?
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    Seriously? This is a thread?
    Sprint Love
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    I've received no injury, just hundreds of hours worth of pleasure, communication, and time management. It's a tool that does what I expect it to do and does it well.
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    are you ****ing kidding me!!?? Seriously people, you need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Im not sure this could actually qualify for a sensible law suit. I also wasn't sure if you were upset about future devices not "officially" going to Sprint or that 2.0 wont be OTA for original devices
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    This will go nowhere fast. Thread closed.
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    this is EXACTLY what the founders had in mind when crafting the Constitution.
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    So glad we've finally reached the zenith of stupidity. I do hope you all recover your 65 cents in emotional damages.

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