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    I looked this up in youtube and boy did I find this hilarious, you guys should watch it (note: it is kindve 18+ because of language)
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    "John Rubenstein likes to crush dreams." <3 thank you for that video
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    The synth voices are so dry it makes me cry

    1:22 - 1:40 "Yes." "Yes." "Yes."

    "Because they want to fail"
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    This is freakin hilarious because it is so true, hard to write stuff this funny and if you would have brought this out last week, everyone would have crucified you for being down on palm.

    Holy balls, the Internet would have broken if they did something like that*lmao*
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    hahaha i love eeeeeetttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    someone needs to email this vid to J. Rubenstein.
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    HP failed in so many ways today. It's hard to keep count.
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    yeah that was true and funny
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    "My cat surprised me more in the last hour than HP has all day."
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    Not as funny as ortho vs. anesthesia, but painfully true to a point of great humor.

    -also not sure why my first post in this thread disappeared. Didn't say anything offensive...
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    It's funny, because it's true. Sighhhh
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    lol so funny "i like pizza, you like shopping. Jon Rubenstein likes to crush dreams and find new ways to burn a company to the ground each year." LOL epic, watched it 4 times now and still killing myself.
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    "screw it lets go buy some moto razrs on ebay." "oh **** yes!" about how i feel after learning that hpalm isnt updating the pre/pixi lines to 2.0. even though they very well could have.

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