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    pre 2 going on sale on Verizon tomorrow? I'd really like to get it, but with the pre 3 coming (when?!) how hard would it be to get rid of the pre 2 (resale value)? Wondering if I should just wait. Getting taxes back Friday, so buying the P2 would be a breeze. But I'm due for an upgrade in October... Idk, what would you guys do?
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    I'm wondering the same thing (just posted about it in the CDMA North America section).

    For me, I'm not so hung up on specs that I have to have latest and greatest. I'd really like to have a Veer, but I doubt that will show up on Verizon until the end of the year the way Verizon works. The Pre3 we might see by fall but I'm not holding my breath.

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