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    what a let down
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    The presentation was enjoyable, the hardware is cool to see but its all starting to get vapor'ish to me. There was but 1 tidbit that webOS 2.1 is the latest version. Nothing else. I don't know, I just don't know. 2 year old pre, arg.
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    *** is wrong with you people. You don't even give valid reasons just say epic fail, what a let down. How about all the reasons its truly awesome and innovative. I am not disappointed in hp its not a let down its truly exciting! I am however disappointed at how many idiots are posting this same type of message everywhere. Its like people want f'ing quad cores on their phones these days...

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    Agree.. Im almost so excited as two years ago when reading about the PRE... I love the M and L devices.. going to get them asap
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    I am a launch day pre owner and I have never waited in line for anything in my life. I am on pre number 7. I came from a centro and treo before that.

    Us sprint folks have been waiting for ever for nothing......and still we hear nothing. HP you suck!

    That pre 3 needed to be out march 1st on sprint.
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    ive been looking all over the plce to get webos running on my epic. hell, even old iphone 3g can have the webos like multitasking with a simple jailbreak, so why keep suffering and waiting for "sometime in summer on unknown carrer" launch?

    and THAT is why people keep saying simply "epic fail". because all the reasons have been known for a while now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    Dont know how long youv'e been around, but after making over 20apps, and waiting for Palm/HP to do something with webOS, and getting letdown with launch dates at every Press event. I'm ****ed, announcing a 1.4 ghz device 6 months before releasing it is stupid, by that time HTC will Have 5 devices out with that speed and some dual core ones too, the touchpad looks good now but in 6 months, again, it will be history.
    I do understand that. It does seem odd they announced their products and then release it 4-8 months later. I am happy with the Pre 3, but from a developers point of view I understand why you'd be angry.
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    They ended up wasting everyone's time by holding their own event and bringing all the pent up frustration from loyal Pre owners to bear at once. It seems that they haven't learned anything from Palm and the two year debacle that was the creepy lady days and keep going down the same path. Custer had the same arrogance and self assurance that his path was correct, even with the overwhelming odds and writing on the wall that states otherwise. Maybe this will be a great masters thesis on how one of the greatest operating systems developed could have had such an unbelievablely bad and failed marketing plan.

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