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    I also see 9 different cards open (three of which are web pages that could be playing flash content) 2 incoming text messages, 16 GTalk messages, and 22 emails. Then he launched the Gallery app which attempted to sync w/facebook, print a picture, respond to an email, open the kindle app, then finally launch and run a 3D game.

    I don't know about your personal usage but I rarely have more than 6 apps open at any one time on my desktop and when I had my pre it was usually only 3 or 4 at the most. Despite the fact that he ran way more than what I would consider the normal number of apps at once how many "too many cards" error messages did you see and did you notice any lag whatsoever with the 3D games. Remember this OS actually multitasks apps in the background versus iOS or to an extent Android that pause background processes. I'm still quite pleased with the demonstration that they gave in the video above.
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    My personal theory is that no carriers are on board yet. They have instead decided to wait and gauge the excitement for these devices based on this event. If there was enough excitement, then perhaps they will go ahead, and we will have the device a little earlier than summer.

    I know that something similar happened with the original iPhone: many carriers decided to wait and see the response before signing on.
    Uh, AT&T was there as a partner for the original announcement, which had a release month, not a season of the year.
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    Anyone else find it funny that the iPad 2's specs leaked prior to this, with essentially similar specs to the TouchPad? I couldn't help but notice that Apple had to get the WSJ to release those prior to HP's event. Just looking at Twitter the other day, CNN Breaking and quite a few other news sources had tweeted/retweeted the headline of "iPad 2's leaked specs" days before the HP event, when you know that HP won't get the same attention/publicity Apple will from National news sources like that. HP was already behind the 8 ball coming into today's event, and to be honest, as much as I like HP/WebOS, they didn't get a real big jump on the iPad, other than the different OS obviously and the touch-to-share transfer technology.

    The fact is, to get ahead of Apple, you have to think outside the box, not try and one-up Apple's specs, as you HAVE to know that they have a new device coming in a year or less, with the very similar paper specs. Touch to transfer technology is a step in the right direction I think, but then make it compatible for more than just the phone you released today, so that it doesn't make that feature irrelevant for those who don't have or want that phone.

    Being completely honest as a WebOS fan, I was slightly disappointed in today's annoucement (other than the TouchPad), and will be sticking with my original Pre until further notice. I guess there is always that March announcement that I heard was going on....
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