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    Troll on troll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post
    No, it does NOT. It have HSPA+ and EVDO revA. That's NOT 4G. Even AT&T (which is turning on HSPA+ soon) has a faster 4G option coming in the summer to augment HSPA+.
    T-Mobile is readying their 42mbps HSPA+ network. Good enough for me!

    Right now, some of their phones are running on the 21mbps HSPA+ network...
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    Summer?!? Which means it prolly won't be available 'til fall, hopefully before Christmas. That's too long of a wait. FAIL.
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    I agree the launch times are too late .. AGAIN!!!. People don't hold interest that long. I want to run same OS on my phone and my tablet and since the phones are a little disappointing to me .I might be moving towards an Android table to go with my current EVO. My girlfriend is going to be sad though because I was going to give her my EVO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    This could be the end for me...It was supposed to be within weeks, not months. I'm just hoping Leo is going to come out at the end and say , "wait wait wait, i promised WEEKS!" GO OUT AND BUY OUR ***** NOW!
    sorry. The "spring" & "summer" time frames are confirmed on HP's site:

    HP webOS | HP TouchPad, HP Veer, HP Pre 3

    be sure to click on the "notify me" links...LOL
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    ditto, I'll wait for the pads ... but a few months for a phone? that is not a few weeks ...

    What carrier gets what? When will we know? Does Sprint get anything? when?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nurgling View Post
    sorry. The "spring" & "summer" time frames are ocnfirmed on HP's site:

    HP webOS | HP TouchPad, HP Veer, HP Pre 3

    be sure to click on the "notify me" links...LOL
    And Leo Apotheker "confirmed" the shorter time frames. And the Pre 2 was confirmed as "coming soon" in October. Summer could be August. There is a disturbing lack of concrete info on release or price.
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    I definitely don't have the enough excitement to last me until summer. Yet again, you fail me webOS. Looks like I'll have to start reading up on those android forums to see whats coming up next
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    So the whole products available within weeks amounts to the Pre2...which was supposed to already be out and the Veer which = 4-8 weeks....
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    I agree with most of the sentiment here. First we're told a few weeks after the announcement and now it's summer!? Love everthing about the Pre 3 and the progression of webOS, hate the release date. My one and only Pre is falling apart here.

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    I think the release date marked the end of the road for a lot of people. If they had Sprint's rep on the stage with them saying, "And the Pre 3 releases on Sprint in 2 weeks," they would have started a comeback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
    Yeah, disappointing. The Pre 3 available in a couple of weeks would have been very tempting.
    It would've been less tempting and literal money in the bank for HP for many people. This is VERY disappointing... SUMMER!? LIAR LIAR.

    They were rumored to be waiting for developer help... They need interest in devices to even get that and they must be put on the market ASAP! I would've rather waited till they actually had hardware ready to ship then wait another 6 months for it. It's a horrible circle of fail
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    All I got to say is hp get ready to get pounced on by the guantlet of new htc, Samsung, LG etc, Android and possible Wp7 devices at MSC in the coming days not weeks or months.

    While you wait to bring your devices to market there will be more devices being release and then Apple will throw the final blow...Android will keep you down with even more devises in the coming weeks and months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post
    And the Pre 3 won't be available till the summer. Again, they lied.
    You suspect the summer of '11..... but not sure about this. HP knows how send the users into another eco system. What a bunch of crock...
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