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    I'm not sure if this is true for everyone but the site is loading slow or not at all for me (I'm in SF).

    Attached are some tests..
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    many press are liveblogging.
    try precentral first and if not head on over to engadget, cnet, heck just try the major tech press.
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    Im sure the servers are busy today.
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    The ole TMC syndrome strikes again.
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    yeah, having lots of lag with p|c main page, and my DL is 15-18 megs.
    I see pandas.
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    I figured it was snow (we had like a foot dumped on us in the past two hours), but I've been experiencing some major speed problems on the FP. The forum was slow for a bit, but it is slowly getting back up to par.

    I suppose all the hype around this is slowing it all down, plus the number of exclusive posts that get linked to from all around the internet.
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    Yeah forums are good for me too. Gonna have to have multiple liveblog sites going at once just in case.

    I'd walk over but I don't think they're gonna let me in till tonight
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    They are aware of it. PC tweeted that the site should be back shortly.
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    Comments on the main page appear to have been disabled as well.
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    as sucky as it is, i'm glad it's happening now while they still have time to react, and not in 30 minutes when the presentation starts.

    hopefully they will get it resolved by then. if not you can also just follow it on as well, or any of the other tech blogs like gizmodo, engadget, webosroundup, etc...
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    P/C was slow for a few minutes, seems ok now.
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    Prob not... where else can we go... i'm over on engadget in another tab... any other place liveblogging? or live video? You think HP would be able to make that happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazslo11 View Post
    P/C was slow for a few minutes, seems ok now.
    It is up and down, mostly down. I just tried after your post and couldn't get it to load.
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    Engadget just posted on their live blog that they are now in a "holding area" .... any other sites have anything to say?
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    9:33AM We're going to go angle for a good seat. Stay tuned!

    9:31AM We're inside the venue and waiting in a holding area just outside of where the main event will take place. It looks like there's a curtained-off hands-on area behind us, so expect to see some real action later. There's a bit of 90's-ish triphop on the sound system, and everything is very colorfully lit. Fun!

    This is from engadget.... LETS GO PRECENTRAL!!! GET THAT WIDGET RUNNING!!
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    I don't think Gizmodo is live blogging, they haven't had much love for Palm in the past.
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    Aaannnndddd Precentral is down. Lol.
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    Engadget Live Blog

    I'm looking at precentrals "live widget" anyone see any movement on it? or just the home screen like i'm looking at?
  19.    #19 is the only other that is using the CoveritLive tool (and is up) which I find less annoying then Engadget's Page refresh blog.
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    the main page isn't working for me either... looks like it'll be engadget and webosroundup for me
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