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    Texas Instruments to transform the concept of mobile on February 7th Android and Me

    hmmm...maybe we should pay attention on this event, as it could show us some newness about TI processors which could start seeding into HP devices soon(=feb9th)?

    It would be tremendous if they would announce HP as their exclusive launch-partner for a speed-introduction of a tablet with the OMAP 4 440 processor in Q1 of 2011 :-)

    On the other hand, only android sites seem to be discussing this news...let's me think I could be wrong.

    Just speculating, though...
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    good find.
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    We'll find out soon enough

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    maybe even sprint AND hp r involved with this... even better speculation haha
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    It was about OMAP 5, as far as I can tell absolutely nothing interesting was said beyond tech specs and taking about the Cortex a15.

    OMAP™ Applications Processors - OMAP™ 5 Platform

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