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    I just checked verizon wireless to see my bill and what do I see? An advert for free with 2 year activation phone list with what appears to be a pixi, with a chrome bezel. I cant embed links but you can see it on my photobucket, i tried again and the sight showed up with some stupid valentine ad.

    I hope this isnt just a mistake by verizon showing old phones in an ad, when you click on it, the palm phone is nowhere to be seen.

    The link for the verizon splash page
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    Interesting find. I Think it's just the lighting, especially since no one really expects any more phones that look that much like a Pixi. But, I also went to the VZW page, and one of the boxes on the page advertised "new products" and pictured the Pre Plus!

    I'm guessing their graphic artist or webmaster is due for a vacation...

    ps, here is your link:
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    (for everyone who didnt want to copy pasta)

    and neat. the 9th needs to get here faster.
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    Thats not the only person who might need a vacation. Every single time I log into my account I get greeted with the iphone promo page, I must've clicked "don't remind me again" about 15 times now.
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    If you look at this old Pixi Plus page it also looks like it has a chrome bezel and the product link goes nowhere. (Also no link permission).

    Oh, and I don't know if this is new, but when I go to look at available phone upgrades for my account the phone brand/os filter option now has "HP" but not "Palm" (although it's grayed out).
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    There is also a palm os placeholder under the dropdown of phones and devices, but when you click it, there are no phones. Either Verizon is bad at letting people know what phones it has and does not have, or these are placeholders for phones that will be on the website very shortly.

    The drop down menu under phones and devices was even recently updated, you'd think they would know that they don't have any palm phones and would have omitted it, unless they knew they would have something to put there shortly.
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    the pixi has always been rendered with a chrome bezel, even by palm.

    exhibit A

    so... nothing new here.
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    It isn't a chrome bezel they are rendering.. they are rendering the reflection of overhead light off of the curved edge. Looks chromed, but just lighting.
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    The Pixi and Pixi Plus have been free on contract for a while anyway. As much as I would love for their new phones to be free on contract, I think that's not gonna happen.

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