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    yeah I for one think sprint will be the next new (not pre 2) webos smartphone, and prob the 3G/wimax enabled tablet. Though I hope its not soley for sprint, and hope they launch it on AT&T, and Tmobile too. Since right now VZ is flooded currently with the iphone, and new android phones and tablets sprint, AT&T (minus the artix), and tmobile dont have alot of super phones coming to them soon. The reason why I think HP is launching the pre 2 on VZ, to get whatever sales it can through this iphone, android ordeal, then release the new devices on the other carriers. Sprint will be first I believe.
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    Sprint is the only real choice......for a 4g Pre and a solid relationship with the new hp/palm.
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    Sprint is the nobrainer choice for HP. If they can't rule the roost at Sprint, they may as well give up.
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    HP Palm needs to have a wide range of partners not just limited to Sprint.
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    Obviously HP wants to pull a samsung galaxy. But sprint makes the most sense to get their initial and biggest push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Obviously HP wants to pull a samsung galaxy. But sprint makes the most sense to get their initial and biggest push.

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    As long as it's not longer than a month and a half before it hits Verizon and AT&T.
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    it's as simple as this, you can get an unlocked gsm pre 2 phone from hp that is good for any gsm carrier, the pre 2 is launching on VZ in 2 weeks, so that leaves the ONLY company to not have a webos 2.0 device is sprint... They're getting the new device in a couple of weeks
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    First choice? Nope. Main choice? AT&T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brswa View Post
    I would bet that Sprint is getting the "flagship" device and tablet. However they need a GSM version so the rest of the world can play too.
    maybe the Sprint announcement is a dual mode network and the new device will be a dual mode device!

    one can hope, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    maybe the Sprint announcement is a dual mode network and the new device will be a dual mode device!

    one can hope, right?
    I think Bell up here in Canada has that dual mode. HSPA+ I think it's called? I could be wrong. It sounds fast though, something like 41 mbps. But so far for laptops only that have a special dongle.
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    I'm a little bit ignorant on this area, so I'll just ask if anyone knows. Why is it that there seems to rarely be a phone manufacturer that can pull off what Samsung did with their Galaxy S phones and tablets? Most of the times it seems as if most phones are always tied to one carrier with some exclusive deal going on.

    How likely is it that HP can manage to pull this off as well? What are the pros and cons if they do?

    I'm a current Sprint user, and I'd be very happy to see Sprint get the goodies first, but I'd rather HP share the goodness across all four major carriers. Sprint is way too small to make a big splash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    maybe the Sprint announcement is a dual mode network and the new device will be a dual mode device!

    one can hope, right?
    I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Most likely because exclucivity deals are too lucrative for most phone manufacturers. When you are exclusive, the carrier markets your device - and that's marketing money you don't have to spend (and may not have).

    When you do a multi-carrier launch, it gives the carriers little incentive to pimp your product; all they care about is showing the world why their phones are better than the others.
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    the phones will most likely premier on sprint then go out to other carriers later
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    The only carrier where the next gen Pre can shine for sure is Sprint. ATT and Verizon could care less at first, unless there is enough demand to call it a success, then they will want it.

    I hope Palm has realized that Verizon is high on Apple koolaid these days and the Pre is not on their priority list.

    ATT however may not be a bad choice, though I'm on Sprint.
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    Samsung is cheating s little. They didn't put one phone on four carriers. They put four phones out, one for each carrier. The phnes are similar, but not exactly the same. They have simply branded them under the Galaxy S brand.

    To match the feat, someone would have to make four different phones.
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    I thought I would add a bit more insight into why a single phone seldom gets carried by multiple carriers. It has been famously said that in America, there are only four customers for mobile phones: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Those are the only customers most phone manufacturers care about.

    Therefore, Samsung does not make a phone for you, the end user; they make a phone for Verizon. It has to meet the specifications and limitations Verizon places on it. The end user is little more than an afterthought in the process.

    To make it worse, Verizon does not sell the phone to you either. The phone is just the caret. The hook is the two year contract. That is the only thing Verizon sells. The phone is just the bait to get you to buy what they are really selling. At no point is the phone designed with you in mind.

    Each carrier has different requirements and restrictions. Samsung would have loved to make one phone and sell it to all the carriers. They didn't because they couldn't. They settled for branding all of the phones as if they were the same.

    In this way, the iPhone is in a rare class of phones, as it truly is just one phone being sold on multiple carriers in the US. That is not because the carriers have found religion. That is because the iPhone is in a class by itself. Verizon desperately wanted to make it a Verizon phone. That was always a nonstarter. It is the iPhone on Verizon. The carrier takes a backseat to the device, which was made, not for the four customers, but for the millions.

    HP cannot do this, at least, not right now. When Google tried something similar, the carriers shut them down. HP is not mightier than Google. That is why when there is one phone, it has to be on one carrier. The phone is sold, first, foremost, and only to the carrier. Different customers, different products.

    There may be a little oversimplification, but not much.
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    somehow, htc has been able to release virtually the same device on multiple carriers, dating back to their windows mobile days. The htc touch pro 2, and other landscape sliders that they made, names of whom are escaping me at this odd hour of the night, were the basically same phone. This continued with the htc hero series for android. Palm did the same with palm OS in their treos and the centro. This whole phone exclusive thing is a relatively new phenomenon that really caught on with carriers starting with the iphone. Since then, the list of long exclusives has been broad, including the original pre, the G1, the various droid branded phones on vzw, the evo, etc.

    apple has only the iphone, and whatever apple makes, consumers flock to the company's products. But I think only they can get away with exclusives. All other manufacturers, including the palm division within hp, need to release devices on multiple carriers. I think hp will follow RIM's route and will release relatively exclusive devices to various carriers, such as the pre 2 with vzw, the pixi 2 with whomever, probably a few carriers, and whatever their new flagship device, on sprint. But unlike in the past, the devices will be released on a relatively faster pace than the every 6 months-2 yr cycle that palm has been following. I think HPs priority is to get webOS out there, whichever way they can- tablets, various form factor smartphones for multiple carriers, etc.
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    Even if HP/Palm does want to have a phone and/or tablet using Sprint's network, it is not entirely up to them. HP said that Sprint rejected the Pre 2. dandbj13 has it right, if Sprint wants nothing to do with Palm devices right now, then we either change phones or carriers.
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    I don't understand why people have Sprint up their butts. Have you ever seen a Sprint coverage map? Sholudn't this, as well as quality of customer service, dictate whether we want them or not? Is it just that Sprint lovers happen to be in an area of good coverage? Or that they have a sweetheart deal with Sprint that's been grandfathered in since 1994? Don't be so selfish.
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