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    I am interested in contracting a software developer to write the code for an application for handhelds and I would appreciate if you guys could help me out with few questions:

    #1) Is there a way to develop the same application, the same code, and run it with Handspring and Palm?

    #2, #3, #4) What kind of security is involved with handhelds? If the application is developed and become available for Handspring through one of those attachable modules, will other Handspring be able to use it or it can be avoided through a key code? Will any Handspring+module user be able to transfer the application to a Palm user, somehow?

    #5) How secure is, nowadays, a software that is downloaded over the web, to a Palm device, so that user can not distribute more copies of the software?

    #6) Once the application is developed to use in Palm, can it be easily transformed into Handspring version, for download over the web, and embedded into a module?

    If you could, please e-mail me directly at
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    1) Palm and Handspring both run the Palm Operating System so both should run the software the same.

    2) For PalmOS 3 and 4, there is a record hiding mechanism built in (password protected) however, I believe if that record is beamed to another device, all protection is lost. Any other protection must be programmed in.

    3) You would have to program in the protection code yourself to protect your code from being transfered between handhelds.

    4) Yes. Beaming, unless you code in the "copy protect" flag (Don't ask me how, I haven't done it) However, programs like Filez can change that flag if the program is located in the RAM.

    5) Most software that I've seen that can be downloaded has been cracked/patched and hacked. Palm Software is multiple times easier to crack and hack than PC software. The only true way to protect your software is to release a crippled demo that has extra features removed, not just disabled.

    6) Yes, because whatever runs on Palm should run on Handspring. It's the same OS (for now, until OS 5 comes out next month)

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    - Burns

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    I'm a developer for the Palm OS (shameless plug:

    Most things developed for the Palm OS run on both platforms. There are differences and they do need to be taken into account. There are times when I need to have 3 or 4 versions of the same software.

    Some newer features and API calls do not work with older machines. Some features work with Palm and not the Handspring version. Sometimes (though I love my Treo) Handspring version of the OS won't run an app for no damn obvious reason. Trust me, I've yanked my hair out until 3:00 AM testing stuff.

    For security - well - if it's on a device there are applications that will allow you to beam it to someone else if you're determined enough. I have a tendency to trust people more. You can make the username password dependent on the devices username - that way even if someone beams it the other user can't use it without registering a copy.

    As for other security stuff - yup they have encryption.

    I'd love to talk with you about your requirements.

    Best regards,
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    Go to and register as a developer. You'll be able to download the different ROMs and test on the emulator.

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