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    There is a nice open spot next to the webOs cookie jar... ooooooops.... said too much. Darn NDA...
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    1 10" tablet
    1 7" tablet
    1 Phone with keyboard
    1 Phone without keyboard
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    There had better be a sprint phone announcement.
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    Yeah... exactly!
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    2 tablets, 1 phone.
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    would they really make such a big anouncment for just 2 tablets and 2 phones?

    I believe they will show us more. They devices wont be ready, but there would be a few mockups. Something like 3 tablets (one ready for shipping) 5 phones (2 ready for the market) and a few gadgets like printer, toaster, watches, sunglases with a infoscreen. Or a bathroom mirror, which can show you todays weather and last messages.

    A concept with the flexible hp display would be great. Military already is getting them.

    They need something "legendary". The 3 devices, which are ready, will show how synergy works and how they all interact.
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    My guess, 1 phone and 2 "pads". Maybe hints of more to come in the near future as well.
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    im thinking what was said earlier that broadway phone, the tablet, and hopefully a high end device. Of course the question will be who will be able to purchase them Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and are the rumors of Sprint Palm fallout true.
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    I'll go with:

    - 9 inch pad
    - Pixi replacement...aka smallest smartphone in the world
    - Slab Phone - maybe.

    They'll announce the availability of the Pre 2 on V and they'll show us the product road map.

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    2. One tablet and the pre 2 on verizon. That would be depressing wouldn't it?
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    3 Phones, 2 Tablets
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveM626 View Post
    2. One tablet and the pre 2 on verizon. That would be depressing wouldn't it?
    that's what I'm afraid of shouldent we have seen leaked pics or something by now of phones
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    This is HP...

    1 printer

    2 tabs

    and as an afterthought, 2 phones

    and maybe some form of bundle of some of the above (printer and tab etc)
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    Let's just hope the Pre 2 makes a quiet exit and is never mentioned again. Maybe Boost or MetroPCS can pick it up for their plans...
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    2 tablets, 1 phone.
    So far the rumors are pointing to that, unless there is something that nobody has seen or heard before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkGently View Post
    would they really make such a big anouncment for just 2 tablets and 2 phones?.
    HP will also talk about there cloud plans for phones and tables. On March 15th, they will talk about how WebOs will be intergraded to the rest of HP's businesses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    Palm pre 2 cdma Verizon and the Manta smartphone 4G LTE large screen diplay dual_core

    The Broadway new Pixi version upgraded.

    An the webOS tablet Topaz (Palmpad or .....) 9 inches. I think just wi_fi this time. but who knows if it is 4G LTE already ???
    This was exactly what I was thinking.
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    I will let you guys know on Feb 9th

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    The two tablets whose specs have leaked, the successors to the Pixi and Pre2, and some printer.

    After planning such a big event, HP's got to deliver more than just plans for the interconnectivity of devices that Ruby has already been talking about for so many months.
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    3 = Big, Small, Beyond.

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