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    I'm not sure if anyone has posited this question in recent weeks or not. After CES turned out to be a bit of a disappointment in terms of new products, and with my Pre being on it's last legs, I decided to pull the trigger on getting an EVO. There were no real announcements from Sprint or HP regarding any new products, except for the Feb. 9th event, which I found out about after I had purchased the new EVO. I picked up my EVO on January 7th. My question to all of you, your feedback is greatly appreciated, is: With Sprint set to make a big announcement on the 7th and HP's event on the 9th, should I take back the EVO and once again wait for the next best thing from Sprint or WebOS or stick with the EVO. I really have gotten accustomed to the screen size of the EVO and am really hoping that HP is bringing something like it to the table, but there's little to no info to go on here. For all we know, Sprint's event could simply be about a 4G tablet, and HP's event could be little more than the same, or possibly the Pre 2, which I'm not interested in. I really do need a new phone in the near term, waiting til June is not an option, but could conceivably go back to the Pre for a month or so. With that in mind, what do you guys think???
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    I would take it back and wait until March. I really think they are coming with a pad and phone coming in March if not in February. I'm on my 5th Pre and its currently broken too... I REALLY need a phone and have a 150 credit... just waiting to pull the trigger.
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    Why not take the risk? Return it and you will find out in 10 days if it was worth it. I mean, if you really want webOS, just hold on 10 more days to see what the freshness is.

    Also, the CEO said whatever they announced would launch in weeks, so you don't have to worry about waiting till June!
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    Id wait until March also. We already know the Atrix will decimate it performance wise, and might be surprised with Palm's announcement. I'm waiting until April before I decide with Bell which i'm staying with because of the unlimited email and internet I get on my plan.
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    +1 for "return the Evo"
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    It's going to be a completely personal choice for you... but if you return the device and nothing that makes you happy is announced with the future devices, you can always go get that device back. But considering there are a lot of new devices coming from carriers, waiting wouldn't be a bad choice no matter which direction you go.
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    I'd probably return it, but I do have a few odd reasons mixed in.

    1. The Feb. 9th event is going to be way more than just a 4G tablet. No way they can really push the whole continuous client bit without it, plus "think small".

    2. The EVO is currently in the middle of what I think will be an annual refresh. The EVO Shift is a little bit of a adopted step child compared to the EVO. So I would return it, buy a Hero or EVO off contract and wait to see if something better comes out without getting locked in for two years. This way you get through the next few months, see what HP comes out with, and see if a EVO 2 comes out.

    3. How likely is it that Sprint will get a new webos device in the near future? I think HP will answer that question on 2-9, but I'm guessing Verizon will be first.
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    Return it. And instead of getting a Hero or EVO off contract, just get another Pre or Pixi off contract. Those are getting really cheap now.
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    not a chance sprint gets a new webos phone soon. Sprint is definitely not going to introduce a new webos phone before the hp event.
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    Nobody is going to introduce a new webos phone BEFORE the HP event.

    After the HP event, however, aaah...

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