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    I just bought a Treo 90 and still have my 270n which I'm selling. Please help me by detailing how I can synch my 90 up to my computer and get all my info off the 270. Thank you!
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    You can probably HotSync the 270, then HotSync the 90 (making sure it has just been hard reset), choosing the 270's user name. The only catch is that the 270 probably has some files that are specific to the wireless applications, and you don't necessarily want those on the 90, so an alternative is to rename your c:\Palm (or Handspring?)\<270 username>\Backup folder to BackupOld, then install the apps and their data from that folder to the 90. You can still choose to 270's username to get your PIM data, but if you only install the files you recognize from the BackupOld folder, you won't get any random system files. Keep the BackupOld folder for a while, because you will probably find various missing things that you want to reinstall from that folder as you use the 90.

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