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    Just listened to the 1-24-11 Engadget Podcast and there is some funny dish on Dieter and the whole story on their scoop regarding the upcoming tablets and HP's response. Good stuff starting around minute 44. Take a listen!

    Podcasts --Engadget

    And, as requested below, here is Dieter's Response:

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    Oof you title is entertaining. could use a change. I read ***** and then thought ceeement. LOL. Sorry but I think only an admin can change it I think. FOF
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    OK fixed it, thanks.
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    The title says "sement" and I think that the Op meant segment. But yeah, I listened to it yesterday afternoon and let's just say that I guess I am too far removed from the Facebook chatter. Bc apparently "It's all over Facebook". Uh, ok.
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    Dieter posted about this today.. And laid it all out on the table.. That it's all shenanigans and pop cockery!..

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    Oh, and a bunch of tom foolery!

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    It was a good segment, pretty funny. TMZ style, lol.
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    Even if he was. What does that have to do with anything concerning webOS?!!!
    Although I like engadget as a source of news on gadgets and such.I think there is a little hating going on. =)
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    It's still funny

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    Please explain to me how Dieter's personal life has anything to do with webOS. Of course other then using Pre

    You can guarantee it that Palm and HP both know that the relationship existed and has most likely since the first day it began to be a relationship.

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    cuz he may have an "inside" scoop and they dont.. but if he posts something he shouldnt and only the lady knows that info... she will loose her job... so i'm sure he would never say anything that could put his sugermama in any danger of paying for his dinners, and thats 120% understandable.
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    Listening now.

    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    cuz he may have an "inside" scoop.
    no. Just no.

    Also, i agree with the engadget podcast, and not with precentrals, that i like the ipad gestures in the ipad ios 4.3 beta.
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    Much as I appreciate the attention (I think? ), I'd like the statement linked above to be my final word on this. I don't have any bad feelings about the Engadget podcast, they're good guys and it was in good fun.
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