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    Think Beyond: HP to launch enterprise cloud service
    HP's cloud expertise coming to the consumer in webOS?

    I found these two articles well written so, I did not want to change almost anything of its content , but joined both in some way together.
    Hewlett-Packard rounds out its cloud software and consulting with a new cloud service

    Rounding out its portfolio of cloud-related offerings, Hewlett-Packard will launch a cloud compute service next month aimed at enterprises.

    The company will also start offering computing systems for internal use that will interoperate with the cloud offering, as well as a set of workshops to aid organizations in developing cloud strategies, said Bill Veghte, HP executive vice president overseeing software and solutions.

    "HP has the enterprise experience, breadth of portfolio and global service delivery organization to lead our clients through this transformation" to cloud computing, said Ann Livermore, executive vice president, HP Enterprise Business, in a statement.

    The service, called HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute, will offer organizations computational services from two HP data centers, one located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the other in Wynyard, U.K. Customers are free to choose their own specific cloud platform, be it Windows Azure or a virtual machine-based program.

    Veghte did not unveil pricing, other than to say it will be based on how many MIPS (million instructions per second) are consumed, in combination of length of contract and amount of services used.

    HP will promise a 99.9 percent uptime for servers. The service will also guarantee that, for unplanned outages, virtual machines will be running again within an hour and physical servers will be running again within seven hours.
    In conjunction with the debut of this service, the company plans to offer an integrated package of hardware, software and service for building internal clouds, called CloudService. CloudService systems can easily be integrated with HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute, allowing users to switch workloads between an internal cloud and HP's, Veghte said.

    These new offerings also tie in with other HP cloud software and services already available, Veghte said. They dovetail with HP Cloud Maps, a set of configuration settings for operating HP blade servers. They will also work with HP's just-released Cloud Service Automation software. This software will allow organizations to move their workloads back and forth between an in-house cloud system and HP's cloud offering.

    This is not HP's first cloud-related enterprise offering: Last August, HP launched its CloudStart program, which offered customers the software, hardware and consulting service to build their own internal clouds. HP also works with Microsoft to offer an Azure-based cloud appliance.

    This announcement comes ahead of an HP press conference “ March Summit Meeting “ scheduled in March in which HP CEO Léo Apotheker is expected to unveil the company's new strategy. Analysts predict that Apotheker will shift more corporate focus to enterprise software and cloud computing.

    To this end, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Livermore might become vice chairman and join the board of directors, reflecting the greater role that enterprise software and services will play in the company.

    It only stands to reason that HP will leverage its cloud computing expertise and capabilities for webOS users. With a platform designed to function across a range of device types (smartphones, tablets,netbooks, printers), it only makes sense for HP to offer a consistent cloud-based solution for integrating all those devices (not to mention PCs).

    I can't help but assume that this is what the "think beyond" teaser in HP's webOS even invitation refers to.

    While I can assume HP is planning cloud services around webOS (an OS built for web and cloud services), I can't be sure what those services might entail. That said, I'm willing to speculate that they'll be pretty broad. In addition to the typical contact, calendar, notes syncing, I wouldn't be surprised to see HP add a Dropbox-like storage locker, web-based access, and cloud/Internet-based printing (after all, that was one reason HP gave for buying Palm in the first place). The company could go even further by offering its own online office solution and providing a rich data/document sharing mechanism.

    Another service already leaked for the Topaz webOS tablet is the HP cloud-canvas service that could bring art ,graphic and fashion designers to webOS.

    In short, I could see the company planning something akin to a webOS-specific version of the majority of Google's cloud offerings but, perhaps, with deeper device integration and deeper integration between services.

    Links: HP to launch enterprise cloud service | ITworld

    Is HP's cloud expertise coming to the consumer in webOS? | ITworld
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    Press Release:
    PALO ALTO, Calif. -- HP today announced a suite of new products and services that enable businesses and governments to leverage the power of the cloud while ensuring they meet required levels of security, performance and availability.

    Cloud computing is an important and growing platform for Instant-On Enterprises, where everything and everyone is connected. Instant-On Enterprises require IT environments that are flexible, automated and secure, and able to quickly adjust to changing demand.

    While cloud computing delivers benefits such as faster deployment of new services, reduction in IT headcount and a pay-as-you-go model, it has traditionally lacked in areas that enterprises need, such as security, availability and ease of integration.

    The new HP Hybrid Delivery solutions provide the benefits of enterprise-grade cloud computing, while meeting the specific needs of businesses and governments.

    “Cloud computing is going mainstream and HP is leading the way,” said Ann Livermore, executive vice president, HP Enterprise Business. “HP has the enterprise experience, breadth of portfolio and global service delivery organization to lead our clients through this transformation.”

    HP Hybrid Delivery cloud solutions: Cloud for the enterprise
    HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute delivers “private cloud as a service” from HP’s state-of-the-art data centers. Governed by specified policies for service, performance, security and privacy, it provides clients with rapidly deployed, secure computing with scalable IT capacity. Built on HP’s leadership in Converged Infrastructure and the breadth of HP’s software portfolio for automation and management, it delivers all the resources necessary to access a hybrid private cloud.

    HP CloudSystem is the most complete, integrated system to build, manage and consume services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

    It combines the strength of HP’s Converged Infrastructure with the established leadership of HP Cloud Service Automation software to deliver unified security, governance and compliance across applications, as well as physical and virtual infrastructure.

    HP CloudSystem also supports HP Cloud Maps, an industry first that provides preconfigured catalog objects to automatically provision the optimized application and infrastructure resources. HP CloudSystem enables new cloud services to be up and running in minutes.

    HP Cloud Discovery Workshop helps businesses and governments develop smart strategies and the optimal path for leveraging the cloud. The one- or two-day workshops have multiple modules that cover a wide range of topics, including business model implications, security and identifying the right services for the cloud. The workshops are led by seasoned HP professionals with experience and expertise in global cloud deployments.

    HP Financial Services are available for clients building private cloud deployments who want to minimize capital requirements. HP can combine its cloud offerings with financial offerings from HP Financial Services helps clients maximize their financial goals in parallel with their pursuit of advanced technologies.

    More information about HP’s new offerings, including a video from Ann Livermore, is available at HP Press Kit: HP Drives New Era for Cloud Computing.

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