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    it may be that i am simply doing something wrong, but i'm having the following problem with using my headset:

    - if the phone lid is closed and the phone rings, when i press the headset button, it kicks the caller to my voice mail and on my screen it tells me that i missed the call

    is anybody else experiencing this? how do i answer a call using the headset when the phone lid is closed?

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    this i a known problem. if you call techsupport they will send you a patch (called treo radio patch) to fix the problem. i had the same problem. i am not sure if upgrading to gprs 1.1. also solves the problem without the patch... maybe you wanna try this first..

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    I believed that treo radio patch was something else (something to reset the radio or something like this...)
    The patch to fix the headset bug is called PhoneHalLib.prc and it have been available on some forums.

    Since I installed GPRS 1.1 two weeks ago, I deleted this patch and I can confirm that the headset bug is gone.
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