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    When I use my Treo to access my voice mail at my office, occassionally the voice mail system doesn't recognize and respond to the tones as I push the number buttons. It appears that after a period of time goes by after a call is placed, the tones that are generated by the number keys no longer last long enough to be detected by my voice mail system. This doesn't happen when I first connect, but only after about a minute or so.

    Has anybody else noticed this problem?
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    Could it be that the Treo no longer is using the numeric keys on the keypad and instead thinks you are trying to type letters? Maybe you need to use the blue "option" key after some period of time passes to reactivate the numeric keypad. (Two quick pushes of the blue key acts as a "lock.")
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    i also have voice mail. Why not program the numerics into your treo phone in the extra digits underneath the phone number and have it all done automatically
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    i'm having trouble not when i log into voice mail, but rather when i'm traversing the various options after login. so, preprogramming numbers won't work. i'm able to login with no problem.

    i'll try Doug's suggestion.
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    Hi. Why don't you try using the screen number pad, rather than the keyboard number pad. I've never had any problems using the screen number pad to send tones to whatever voice system is on the other end. Just press the phonebook button until the screen number pad comes up.
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    I have experienced the same issue many times. It appears to be related to operation in marginal coverage - just like if you were on a conversation and the person you call can't hear you - but you can hear them.

    Keyboard or screen entry make no difference - same DTMF tones are transmitted.

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