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    Hi All,

    I'm about ready to get a new setup (Treo 90 w/ Nokia 6310i) utilizing Bluetooth - I have the Nokia on the way and I'm still looking for a deal on the Treo 90 and BT Card.

    ANYWAY, the point of this thread is to spur up some ideas on what we could/can/possibly do with our PDA's and Mobile Phones.

    Here are some applications that I had in mind - not sure if it's possible, but I'd sure like to find out how or get feedback if anyone else is using it:

    1) SMS - Is it possible to SMS from the Treo 90 to the Nokia via BT - and be NOTIFIED that there are new text messages on the Treo, and delete the messages that are stored on the Nokia?

    2) Security - How do you ensure no other users with BT devices can jump into your BT network and utilize the cell phone?

    3) I can't think of anything else right now since I don't have the BT setup yet, but I'm sure I'll post more down the line...

    ...Post your feedback!
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    From what I have read, with blue tooth you set up a mini-network with your devices. They know each other and only speack to each other.
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    Originally posted by Felipe
    From what I have read, with blue tooth you set up a mini-network with your devices. They know each other and only speack to each other.
    Yeah, exactly. I'm looking to take that network to the 'next level' per se and do something with it!

    What do you use that 'mini-network' for?
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    I've been trying to get a nice solution together that uses the bluetooth with my Treo 90 and T68 phone to get wireless data.

    So far, it has been the best solution in terms of compactness. I don't need the treo all the time, and so I can just take the phone with me and not have the bulk.

    However, there are some problems with it that I haven't completely resolved. For one, I'm mainly using it to stay online wirelessly for long periods of time (taking advantage of my unlimited night/weekend minutes and CSD service). But I cannot get the screen or backlight to turn completely off while leaving the device on. Unfortunately, the bluetooth adapter cannot keep a connection when the device is off. This kills the battery life. Also, the initial connection to the phone (plus dialing) takes a good 30 seconds or so. It would be nice if this was more like 5 or 10.

    I also want to do decent web browsing. So far, the only browser that works with my service is the avantgo one. Blazer doesnt seem to want to load anything, and Xiino keeps giving me too many redirections errors. The avantgo browser is okay, but cannot do 128bit SSL. So I can't do online banking. It also tends to render pages weirdly. I'm currently trying to get bookmarks of palm-friendly pages together to compensate for this. I wish the treo had a high res screen too so I can look at pages not just the top corner of a page and have to scroll. That's one thing I miss about my ipaq - a virtual 800x600 screen that can be shown all at once and zommed into and panned with the stylus. That was the best web browsing I've seen on a handheld.

    AIM works great, with one exception. It doesnt give me alerts when it is running in the background. So I have to make sure it is active before I put it in my pocket or I wont get messages.

    And, as you can see from a post I wrote in this group, I'm trying to use an ssh client with it and cannot find any way to type a ctrl or esc. I need these desperately to edit things on my pc through the treo.

    So, bluetooth works in this situation, but as a personal area network I think it really needs to be on all the time and ready at an instant. If they pull that off, they've solved the problem of usable wireless data without having to buy a bulky phone (yes, I consider the phone treos bulky for times when you don't want to have a data device with you - I want my phone to take up less volume than my wallet).

    If they release some new bluetooth drivers to make the connection faster, and some hacks or ROM updates to turn the screen off, with its sweet keyboard this thing takes the cake for versitile compact data.
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    Monkey Messenger should handle your SMS functions:

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