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    Hi All,

    I was wondering what the best SD card out there was. I'm looking for a card that has/does the following:

    • Has the best reception and connectivity towards other BT gadgets
    • Doesn't stick out from the top of a Treo 90 as far
    • Cheaper the better

    So far I have seen the Toshiba and the Palm BT SD Cards and it seems as if the Palm's has the smallest form factor - does its performance get hindered because of this?

    Anyone else using any BT cards? What are your opinions..?

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    I have three Palm Bluetooth cards and have used them successfully in five of my Palm devices.
    I have had great success in connecting with my T68i Bluetooh enabled phone as well as connecting locally at home with my own in-house network.
    My wife and I have played a couple of different games using the Palm bluetooh cards up to a distance of about 20 feet. In fact she can be in one room and me in another and have a good game of Battleship, or IRPong or the Astraware BiPlane game.
    I did not have any install problems or setup problems and the cards have performed well for over nine months now.
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    That is awesome! quickster, what type of SD cards did you use? The Palm? The toshiba? Something else?

    Do they stick out of the Treo a lot?
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    My three Bluetooth cards are all branded by Palm but made by Toshiba as they also carry the Toshiba name.

    They do stick up out of the device by about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch. This is so the antenna can have exposure.

    It really does not hinder anything. With my m130 the card slot is on the left side from the front and it is a little awkard when the Bluetooth card is inserted but nothing that cannot be lived with.
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    Thanks for the reply! Did you get a deal on these? The lowest price I could find is ~$110 - where'd you get yours?

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    I got two of mine from some obscure Palm developer site many moons ago and one I bought directly from Palm for about the same price as you were quoted.

    All three Bluetooth cards are the same and all work exceptionally well.

    Good luck and happy Palm Bluetoothing as they really do work great...
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    Cool! Now if I can only find a deal on some SD BT Cards!
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    Just saw this from Toshiba and thought you might be interested.

    I am trying to get my hands and or fingers on one as it looks mucho better size-wize from the previous version.

    Also want to know how well it performs now that it is smaller.
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