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    Hi all,

    Does anybody know of a program that will convert the SMS database into something readable on the PC. This would be usefull for the Phone histrory as well.

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    Just open the database from your Backup folder called SMS_database.pdb in a good text editor like TextPad and crop out the header. The file looks like it follows a simple format in the message section - You should be able to open the remainder of the file in Excel and have it convert the null characters into cell breaks. If Excel wont do this then use a good editor like TextPad to swap the single null characters for tabs.

    The format appears to be <four null characters>phone number<null><1st name><null><2nd name><null>Message body<null>SMSh<null><null> <more inscrutable digits and nulls - always 21 characters ending in six nulls><line return>

    Note: Line returns can appear in the message body section.
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    Thanks for the information, but unfortunately I need a little more than that. I would like to retrieve the dates as well. If it was sent or received is also quite important.

    I suspect that you would have to use the SMSapi to retrieve all the relevent info. My ideal would be to append the information retrieved to a jfile database from within the Treo itself.
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    Without having the file in front of me, I'd guess the 21 character string at the end of the line contains that information - the phone must keep it somewhere! If you're lucky, it will be simple - a julian date (seconds since 00:00 on 1/1/70) in hex or something.

    If I get a spare minute at home tonight, I'll have a play!

    [Edited] You're not lucky. There's a document about the SMS library on under the Application Notes section. It goes into some detail about the format of the messages - the date's in Palm OS date format, if that's any help. Maybe if you post something on the Utilities thread - or get onto one of the developer forums - some kindly developer may either have something or knock something up for you!
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    There is an app called "SMS Convert" in the thread below:

    It allows you to extract your sms log into an excel file which can be saved and viewed on the Treo...
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