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    Yeah, these new HP/Palm tablets look great, but it's the Apps that will make or break these things. That is what makes Apple so successful, and Android learned that and they have a ton of apps, over 100,000. If WebOS is going to be a success on a phone or tablet or something else??, they need lots of apps, and good basic ones.

    They are talking about the March tablet being use for ereading. Well, I hope they have a Kindle app ready for it.

    I'm sure everyone has their idea of apps they want. My point is, I hope HP can produce, even if they have to give incentives to developers.
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    oops...wrong forum.
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    If you have the hardware and support, the community will produce.

    Bring the new api's and well written documentation for use, and you'll see a lot of people jump aboard.

    I know I'm ready!
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    Quote Originally Posted by saluki42 View Post
    oops...wrong forum.
    I don't think my post was the wrong forum. If the new devices are going to succeed, they need to compete, apps wise, with Apple and Google.
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    Good line-up of applications are being readied, along with major incentives for developers come Feb 9th and MWC.
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    Hasn't HP been working to get employees to create new apps for webOS, in a competitive way so that upon launch of new devices they'll also have some new and hopefully exclusive apps to debut?

    This forum is pretty much what I've been thinking the whole time. I switched to an Evo and the only thing that would keep me from switching back to WebOS is some of the apps that I can use on the Evo that just arent available on WebOS yet due to developer support. We need those camera and microphone API's, and good god can i get some threaded messages in the WebOS email app please????

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