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    Hewlett-Packard (HP) expects to ship 45-48 million notebooks, including WebOS tablet models as a main focus, in 2011, according to Taiwan-based ODMs and component makers.

    Having Taken delivery of more than 10 million notebooks in the fourth quarter of 2010, HP attained total shipments of over 39 million units in 2010, the sources indicated.

    While HP has unveiled the Windows 7 tablet PC Slate 500, WebOS models will be the mainstream of HP's tablets, the sources pointed out. The development of WebOS tablet PCs was finished in 2010, but HP will have Taiwan-based Inventec begin ODM production and shipments in March 2011 to allow for software testing and timing of launch schedules in line with market development, the sources indicated.

    The Palm-developed WebOS features technologically mature software
    interfaces, and this may be an appeal for market segmentation, the sources pointed out.

    Definetely the launch of the webOs tablet is in March, for the first tablet the Topaz as rumorred , not in September, but also digitimes say that there are a "launch schedules in line" So will see more webos tablets upcoming in 2011.

    HP to ship 45-48 million notebook in 2011

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