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    Hey. Im currently using the origional launcher that came with my treo but im looking for something more modern looking, that keeps the same features as the old one.

    I would like something that keeps the connection level icon there, the "T-Mobile" word so i know im connected, and the internet connected icon. Anything else that does it? Please inform..thanks

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    I use Launcher III, and like its organizational ability and hidden directories views. However, it doesn't have any of the information you are wanting, so you may not like it.

    But the program I use the most for launching programs isn't really a launcher - it's Switcheroo. With Switcheroo on the Treo, it's fast and easy to get to most any program I want.
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    I have started using wassup. I know, I know, Wassup used to be a rip-off of another (free) program. But it has become very, very robust.

    I mention it here because it has added a 4 button launcher area (which helps with the 4-buttons lost on the 270), a meeting ticker, an innovative clock schedule view, unread email and sms alert, as well as some other nifty features. Skins too!

    I use it in combination with switcheroo. check them both out.

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