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    The T-Mobile sidekick(Danger HipTop) is rumored for a 10/01 release with unlimited GPRS for $39.99.

    With that what will be the future of the Treo and T-Mobile?

    Especially with their emphasis of their PocketPCPhone and potential impact of the upcoming bSquared MAUI device scheduled for early 2004

    T-Mobile/Voicestream has done a terrible job with their high speed roll support for the Treo in comparison to Sprint. Seems like there sight has been focused on these other products.

    The whole push me my enterprise mail idea of a smart phone has been defeated with the current lack of GPRS and current GPRS pricing. Even Sprint's Vision pricing's bad.

    Comments from the crowd?
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    T-Mobile being the most European of the US carriers (Verizon is second) they have a great respect for using data for fun. That's what the Sidekick is going to be aimed at. I wish them great luck. And I'm hoping there's a way I can somehow get that plan with my Treo.
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    I think that's great. Because I have a Treo 300 and I'm hoping the competition will force Sprint and others to offer more competitive plans.

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