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    Modu reveals the T, a tiny modular Brewphone, keeps us waiting for the Android-based W -- Engadget

    Thankfully, it does have a host of modular accessories that up its geek quotient radically. You can "camerafy" your Modu by sliding it into a 5 megapixel shell, "sportfy" it with an exercise armband sleeve, "boostify" by slotting it into a combo speaker dock / base station, or even "textify" by adding a vertical QWERTY keyboard. Considering the phone is apparently still Guinness-certified as the lightest touchscreen device in the world, we imagine these combinations will be similarly svelte

    Modu T press shots - Engadget Galleries

    what do you think???
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    I hope not
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    I want my PalmPad to use the 3G radio in my phone as if it is internal. Snap it in and go, or wireless without having to tether or deal with limitations. The PalmPad would simply be the display and keyboard for my phone...

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