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    Back in November a friend of mine who works in Overland Park told me they they had February targeted for the next generation of webOS phones to roll out as well. I called him a liar unledd he gave specs but he just laughed and said it was coming out around Feb and that the next gen looked to be really strong.
    Yeah no pics facts or specs but who cares. I believe em which is why I'm still using this Pre even though I could have gotten a new discounted phone back in August.
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    Damn people, what's he supposed to do, kidnap her & MAKE her post her statement on here?.....shut up!
    Just take it for what it is & give the guy a break.
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    If you look at how things work on the Apple side of the industry, you see that there are no announcements about "The next iPhone" until Apple makes that announcement. In this case, HP/Palm is not hyped, so you will have fewer people looking for leaked specs or information, and that leads to the specs not being known until just before the official release.

    So, we KNOW that HP is going to be announcing multiple devices on Feb 9th. We don't know the exact numbers, or specs, but we do know that SOMETHING will be announced. It is also possible that due to the lack of hype, that devices may actually launch in February or March. Due to the lack of effort to sell the Pre and Pre Plus when they were new and still competitive(remember that the Pre Plus launched before the iPhone 4, so it wasn't seen as slow or outdated at launch), the carriers and more importantly the sales people are clueless about how good the Pre Plus is.

    This leads to a good reason why we have not heard about the launch of new HP/Palm devices. If we see a 3.7 inch screen on a device with a slide-out keyboard, either vertical or horizontal, with a dual-core processor and 512 megs of RAM, that really would make for something that SHOULD sell well.
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    ^ thats what I'm talking about !! A phone that is just a little bigger screen size with a slide out key board ahhh that would really make me feel good !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I doubt most care - beyond the hardcore, most will simply get what seems the best deal when their next upgrade arrives.
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    I'm hopeful the rumor is true. I really like my Pre, but its pretty beat up (scratched screen, buttons that stick (f-key) I want to replace it pretty soon...would love another WebOS device, but if it doesn't come soon, I'll be getting a Samsung Epic.
    Sprint Pre User Who LOVED his Pre but left for a more supported phone (EVO Shift)...maybe one day Sprint & HP will see the light and bring us a great 4g capable Pre replacement!
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