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    Once HP Palm said that they weren't going to be at CES I went to the Shack to get the Evo for $99. I just figured they weren't going to be announcing anything anytime soon, and $99 deal was expiring January 1.

    Had I known that Palm would be announcing new devices on February nine there is NO way I would have made the move.

    I have until January 27th to return the Evo. I like the Evo, but I would drop it in a heartbeat for webOS on 2011 hardware.

    If I return the Evo and eat the $35 restocking fee and $18 upgrade fee--do you think I will have a new flagship webOS device on Sprint in my hands by May? My Pre is pretty beat up and I'm not sure if it will make it another few months.

    I have until January 27th to return the Evo. What should I do?
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    I'm sure sprint will credit you back the $18 upgrade fee, not sure about radioshacks policies though.

    I would stay with the EVO, sprint gives you a new upgrade every year, see what HP comes out with FEB. 9, maybe you don't like what they announce then and their, and can wait to see if they come out with something better down the road.

    basically it comes down to can you hang with the EVO for about 6-8 months after a new Webos device becomes available, until you are eligible to upgrade again.
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    Don't plan on being to be able to have a new webos hp phone in hand before June or July!

    You will be half way through your year by then!
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    You can sell your EVO for some good money, can't you?
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    Pre announce was months in advance.
    Pre+ announce was a few weeks. (Leaked months in advance)
    Pre 2 was a few weeks. (Leaked months in advance)

    Pre ? Hasn't been leaked to much...

    Whatever they announce, it will probably be at least March before it hits shelves maybe even Summer (as Iowa points out). If you're reallllllllly a WebOS fan it may be worth trying to inch out 3+ more months with your Pre. Otherwise, enjoy the Evo and Android, it really is a good phone with a lot of features today that WebOS still needs to build up on. My Dad loves his.

    Another argument for returning to Pre, 3 months is $30 in not paying a 4G fee. July would be $60 in not paying the fee so the return fees shouldn't be to much of a factor considering there's a price difference in monthly payments.
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    I would keep the Evo. Your year will be up in Dec/Jan 2012, just in time for CES/MWC 2012. By that time HP should be introducting version 2 of the devices being released this year. Also you will know how good the hardware is and how well WebOS works on the hardware.
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    Sell the Evo. If SPrint isn't gonna have something soon enough, get a Pre minus on ebay and a Pre2 to combine into a frankenPre until then...
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    keep the evo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    You can sell your EVO for some good money, can't you?
    I think once a new webos device is announced their will be so many EVOs on ebay, the supply will exceed the demand and the prices will fall heavily. All the Pre-turned-Evo owners will be jumping ship back to webos.
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    Don't make any decision quite yet... Wait until the 9th and see if Palm gives any type of release date for new devices. At that point you'll have all the ammunition you need to make the best choice for yourself.
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    I would keep the EVO and never look back. But since you like Webos you could keep the phone for a year and see where HP is with Webos. You know see if its taken off. Or you could sell your EVO now for maximum price, activate your old Pre or a sprint phone then wait till a Webos phone come out and pay full price for it.
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    Thanks for the replies. I love PreCentral--you all make great points.

    This has been driving me friggn nuts!*

    If I take it back by the 27th and reactivate my Pre I will revive my upgrade eligibility. I just wish I could extend my return date past *Feb 9 so I would have a better idea of what HP Palm has planned.

    Is there any way to extend the 30 day trial?

    If not, I guess I could sell the Evo for $250 or so when the new webOS device comes & try to buy it at full price. Wonder how much that might be?*

    O'well I guess I deserve this . . . Cheated on my webOS.*

    Thanks again.
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    No, they won't give you more than the 30 days, sorry!

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    What would happen if you took your Evo back on the 26th...and then you weren't satisfied with the webOS news that came out on Feb. 9th? Could you use your upgrade again to get the Evo back on Feb. 10th?

    It seems like they would have a policy in place to stop this from being abused, but i have no idea if that would work.
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    You could get it back, after they restored your upgrade, but you won't get another 30 day trial.

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    I'll probably return to webos, but in a year. The evo is a superb phone and I'm sure once webos gets the right hardware it will be great as well.

    Webos + evo = weVolution

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