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    Hi there! I'm a new spanish Pre (thus GSM Movistar) user, and just wanted to stop by, and say that you people are fabulous!

    I got my beloved Pre from a lucky owner which got TWO units sent from Movistar as a furtunate mistake. How many times have you had a GOOD mistake from an operator? It only costed me 120 euros, and was absolutely unused. Thankyou Cesar!

    I already admired Palm's WebOS elegance and performance, and also found the device itself lovable. But then, I easily found both PreCentral and WebOS internals people, and what can I say... I don't regret my decision a bit.

    I've always loved the low end Nokia phones, you can't beat them for actual phone use. So for me, the leap to an smartphone was a quite big change. I've "enjoyed" a Windows Mobile phone for some weeks, and faound it unbearable.

    But my Pre already fulfills my needs (actually, the 800% of my previous needs), and even in a single week I've been customizing it a lot. From a simple automatic wallpaper changer, to the fascinating UberKernel.

    All of this wouldn't be possible without you guys, so back to enjoying my Palm discovery, see you soon!
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    Glad to have you along for the webOS ride! I've enjoyed my Palm Pre+ since the day it came out on Verizon almost a year ago. Preware customization is really something special in a smart phone, and I find something new about it every day I look.

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    Welcome to PreCentral and the world of webOS.
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    Bienvenido al selecto club de usuarios webOS
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    Thanks for the kudos and welcome the Pre|Central community!
    I love my Pre Plus and webOS!
    I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your Pre as I have.
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    Thanks everybody, especially to fellow deCorvett... I'm surprised there's spanish people here, and he's a developer!

    I know people from Zaragoza, what a coincidence... If you also share an Amiga or MorphOS background, then my eyes would be open wide! Or perhaps not too much, I've seen somebody's signature here, citing even the Commodore VIC-20! (my first computer, before a C-64, an Amiga 1000, an Amiga 3000 and a Pegasos).
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    la bienvenida a bordo y disfrutar de amigo! im a little sloppy but i hope thats right!
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    Ha ha, that was great branden! I spent a couple of hours in a great adventure on past friday: Wiping every contact, to start afresh. It involved some fascinating (and inthe end, easy!) direct database changes, through the inbuilt SQLite client. If anyone wants to know, I can open a new thread about it, or append my learning to some existing thread...
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