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    Does anyone know how to SMS from a US-based phone (specifically, Cingular Wireless in California) to a phone based in Italy?

    So far my friend there has been able to SMS me, but regardless of number combinations (with or with out country code, etc.) I can't SMS them.

    Related questions:
    1.) Does Cingular complately block outbound, international SMS messages?

    2.) Is there some sort of "cheat code" or legit pre-fix from another carrier I can pre-prend to their number to work around this?

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    Do you have international calling enabled on your account?

    I have Cingular here in California, and had to request that feature. I can now make international calls and send international SMS messages.
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    I just got off the phone with Cingular to enable this -- they said it should be active in 24 hours or less. If it works I'll let everyone know.

    Thanks for the suggestion Fix It Girl!
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    I've enabled international calling, then tried SMS -- no luck.

    Strangely, when I try to add the 011 country code prefix I get an error message. When I omit the code, the SMS goes out into the ether but is not received by my friend. Any thoughts?
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    I checked the last international SMS that I received and the number has a plus (+) then the country code, then the number. Try using the + instead of using 011.
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    Did you ever get your international SMS to work?

    Just curious...
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    Joe3 - I have VoiceStream without Int'l calling but I can still SMS internationally. My college friend is in Bologna for school and I SMS him all the time...NOTE: he needed to change GSM vendors. Keep in mind this is Italy - like their cars, phone service reliability is spotty

    I just sent my friend an SMS re: what the good/bad SIM card providers were.
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    Hi Fixitgal and gkaatz!

    1st: Sorry for the inter-post delay Fixitgal - my friend was actually here in the USA for a week, making a test impossible.

    Now that their back there: I'm afraid we still can't get SMS's working in the US to IT direction -- many tries but no luck. I did try your "+" recommendation to no avail.

    gkaatz: I'm eager to hear your data!

    Many thanks to both of you!!!
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    I was hoping that it would work. It may be the SIM as gkaatz suggested.

    Let us know if you fix the problem...
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    Folks, my friend just sent me the info...

    Old service was OmniTel, which is owned.operated by Vodafone (they are the largest wireless provider on earth - not the best, but the largest);

    New service is TIM, operated by Telecom Italia.


    Using the TIM service, I can send/receive SMS to/from Italy. It should be noted that we deduced that the problem was service when friends in other parts of Europe had trouble sending SMS to Italy.
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    As it turns out, my friend is a "Wind" subscriber. Has anyone had USA to IT SMS success with them to your knowledge?

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