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Thanks, Kupe & you are right. I was responding to someone who, over the years, has had the same hassles getting the music away from iTunes once you are on it. Even the simple things like syncing w/devices--webOS or Android. Sure we can get the music, but we have to put it in USB mode & drag it over (as far as I know) & it is a bit of a hassle. For me, if they had continued allowing the syncing to the Pre & other devices, I would be more apt to use iTunes & buy from iTunes. Since they don't, they lost me as a customer--at least in terms of buying songs.
There have been 3rd-party automated solutions to iTunes syncing since before webOS was released. Programs like DoubleTwist and Mark Space's Missing Sync (and others) provide simple, single-click synchronization between iTunes and a variety of phone OSes. Both of these programs were available to the Pre within weeks of the Pre's release.