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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    Remember that blacked-out tiny device on Phil McKinney's wrist? Hmmm....
    I'm willing to swap my Chrono watch for a smartwatch that gets Internet access from my smartphone FYI, I'm just dreaming....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan I Ezor View Post
    That's essentially what my opinion piece the other day suggested. {Jonathan}
    I loved your article. From your mouth to HP's ears. For such a system I would happily wait in line. In fact, if you guarantee such a thing happening I will start the line tonite.
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    I just had a terrible thought. What if such a thing happens? What will all the naysayers have to grumble about? What will the joy-killers who love to come onto this site just to find fault with Palm or HP do? You must realize that their lives will come to an end? Are you prepared for that?
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    ummm... If hp really does bring out a woman's phone and nothing else (talking about phones not tablets), i'll have to jump ship til hp comes out with something that will tingle my balls again.. This will be another Kin if this is all they got in the smartphone world, guaranteed.
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    I just wish Sprint would come up with some ingenious way of letting Sprint users switch phones as easily as GSM users can by swapping a SIM card. Then having different phones for different occasions/needs would be awesome. When I was on AT&T, I'd just swap my SIM into an old beater phone for when I went fishing so I didn't take a chance ruining a better phone.

    A little invention like this with the CDMA carriers would go a long way and would make HP's idea work great with those carriers.
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    Come on guys. HP/Palm is coming out with a number of different smartphones. They've said so a few times. They've already mentioned the super small smartphone. It's not a secret. It's old news.

    Guess what guys, they're also coming out with a tablet with bluetooth keyboard.

    I am going to love coming back here after the announcement when those of us who love WebOS will be able to say a big I told you so.
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    We heard about the small "teen" phone about a month ago from a front page post on this site. If anything this is just a sighting of things to come. Cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1 View Post
    Why have a 4 inch phone if you are also carrying around a 10 inch tablet?
    How about a 4" phone that docks to a 10" tablet display? Why should we all buy tablets *and* phones with 3G/4G data plans, and then possibly have to keep them in sync? If the phone became a tablet, you'd have one device and one monthly bill.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by preoccupied View Post
    You can dismiss this post
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    so wait, is hte phone full touch, or keyboard? How big is it, what is it shaped like?

    All you said that it was small..
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    i think i'll live if this is just one of the "5 or 6 devices to be released in 2011".
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    Glad to see the PreCentral forums alive and kicking. I haven't been on here in a while, even though I am a huge Pre devotee (dying breed).

    I have not seen this ultra small phone, so I have zero specifics. I don't know if it has a keyboard, but my guess is that it does. The person I spoke to, who actually saw the new prototype, said they wished Palm would come out with a keyboardless phone, so my guess is the ultra small phone still has a keyboard.

    I now know what it is like to be the purveyor of rumors. You know your source is solid, but you can't prove it until the product gets released. I was shocked when my source told me about the phone. I just said, "I can't wait till Feb 9 and the big announcement," and they said, "I've seen it," and proceeded to describe the new phone.

    I am guessing it will not be the only Palm phone pushed out this year, and hopefully there will be many compelling form factors. Personally, I think the Pre should go for the same size as the iPhone 4.
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    What if this "mini-phone" is the network device for your PalmPad?
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    Ok guys, so far I've seen 3 form factors of new WebOS phones. One is very tiny. The other two are 4.0 screen (one slab, one horizontal slider) with a 1900mAh battery running WebOS 2.0.1.

    Do I work for Palm/HP? NO. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
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    cant wait to come back to webOS...

    That 4" slab sounds tasty
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumpman6235 View Post
    That 4" slab sounds tasty
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    Quote Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
    How about a 4" phone that docks to a 10" tablet display? Why should we all buy tablets *and* phones with 3G/4G data plans, and then possibly have to keep them in sync? If the phone became a tablet, you'd have one device and one monthly bill..... may be on to something
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    If this IS true, Im sure its just one of the many phones they are coming out with.
    I couldn't agree more. Remember: "Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond?" Sounds to me like they will be announcing a very small phone (the one you speak of) and also a large phone. From the little I've heard this large phone will probably have a 4.3 screen. So im not concerned. Even Rahul Sood mentioned about the many form factors of future webos devices.
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    They could be covering both ends of the spectrum and releasing the smallest AND largest smartphones in the world.

    But what i really want to hear is an annoucement of Pre 2 on Cricket
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    If small means thinner, I would like it. But I don't think I can take a smaller screen. On the other hand, I don't like large phones either. The reason I picked Treo line was its size. It was smaller than a lot of the PDA/Phone combo running PocketPC. I know EVO and other large screen Android phones are much thinner than those old relics, but the largest I could tolerate is the iPhone 4 size. I need a phone that allows me to use it in one hand and my thumb can reach all the touch sensitive areas of the screen.
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