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    I'm looking for a setting/hack/something to make it ring in the earbud of the hands free device on incoming calls. Anyone know of such a thing?

    The idea is that I've already got the earbud in my ear, the phone's nearby but maybe it's noisy and I can't hear it ring. But if it rang in the earbud too...

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    i think this would be a good idea. furthermore, to fix the problem at the root, can we take the volume of the ringing tone to beyond the current max. settings? many users (including myself) found that the ringing tone is not powerful enough.
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    I agree about the ringtone volume - I tend to talk while driving a lot (using hands free, of course ) and sometimes when I'm on a motorway and the music is on.... no chance!
    Shaun Penton
    Stockport, UK

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