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    Hi All,

    I've been using the Edge for almost a year and a half now - but with the recent announcment of SD I/O on Treo 90's it's time to go Bluetooth baby!

    What is the best way to migrate all my data from the edge to the Treo? I am currently using a Backup Module to backup my data, but that obviously is not compatible with the treo.

    Could I , in theory, just hotsync and everything will magically appear?

    If it matters any - I'm using yahoo intellisync to sync my data w/ palm desktop.

    Thank you!
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    I went from the Edge to the 90. I wasn't planning on it, but some corrupt data on the backup module really messed up my Edge. It's fine now, but I had to transfer all the data over. If I'm not mistaken, you just install the new Treo desktop software and it restores MOST everything. However there are always some files that don't have the backup bit set and aren't on your Hard Drive. Check your Edge out thoroughly and beam over anything that didn't make it.

    Check eveything you have listed as private to make sure it transferred. Hacks may not have migrated either. If you don't have Filez, it's freeware from and can find and beam any file, with the exception of desk accessories (I think.)
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    Great, thanks for the info! How are you backing up your Treo right now? Via SD Memory Card? Is there a backup module per se or does everyone use memory cards?
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    I back mine up with a 32meg SD card. (I use the other 16 megs for apps and documents.) BackupBuddyVFSFree, freeware from, looks to be the old Visor backup module software, but with a few new additions. Then you can use Filez or FileCaddy (freeware, palmgear) to restore individual files or for file moving.
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    awesome, thanks for the reply. Too bad there isn't an automated way to convert.

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