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    Examining the process responsible for charging "powerd" on webOS 2.x I've found traces of a new Battery/Fuelgauge "A6".
    A6_CHG: Could not turn off voltage tracking
    A6_CHG: Charging Source:%s @ %d
    A6_CHG: Could not write to %s
    A6_CHG: Could not open %s
    A6_CHG: Could not read %s
    A6_CHG: Battery is removed
    A6_CHG: method:%s: could not start a rampup thread, so ramping up in main loop
    A6_CHG: In %s
    A6_CHG: Setting percent limit to 0
    A6_CHG: Setting A6 capacity limit to %d%%
    A6_CHG: %s: %s
    A6_CHG: %s: non event probe
    A6_CHG: Duplicate event ignored
    A6_CHG: Probe: %s:0x%x
    The current battery interface is the "one wire" interface located at:
    The new "A6" interface seems to be located at:

    If anyone has some info, what this "a6 device" is please let me know.

    EDIT: I haven't found any traces of it in the kernel yet.
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    Great find!

    There was earlier speculation about lines in the SFR WebOS Doctor which were looking to see if the hardware it was being installed on had "A6". There was speculation that it was a physical keyboard or magnetic compass.

    Now we know it's something to do with the charging system.
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    nice find. and yep, about the processor. There was a thread about that. glad to see some more info on it.

    Maybe some new touchstone charger for the car or a larger one for a table?
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgarwong View Post
    nice find. and yep, about the processor. There was a thread about that. glad to see some more info on it.

    Maybe some new touchstone charger for the car or a larger one for a table?
    I don't think it's a charger or what ever. It clearly points to a battery interface.


    Remaining Active Relative Capacity (RARC) [%]
    —RARC reports the remaining battery capacity available under the current 
    temperature conditions to the active-empty point in relative units of 
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    Maybe HP R&D had some new battery technology to showcase?

    I'm sure we'll find out on Feb 9th

    Nice find, somline!
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    Just saw that the 2.1 Doc has a firmware for this A6 device:
    INFO: Starting: A6 Updater
    INFO: A6 Updater: Not updating A6 firmware: no A6 on the device
    INFO: Finished: A6 Updater
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    Some news:
    Regarding to this post @ engadget the TouchPad will use a battery from Foxlink.
    Almost all Foxlink batteries are using a TexasInstruments BQ27210 Fuel Gauge (PDF here).
    From that manual:
    HDQ (bq27010) or I2C (bq27210) Communication
    Reports Accurate Time-to-Empty At Both Measured and Host-Requested Load Values
    Reports Available Capacity Compensated for Discharge Rate, Temperature, and Age
    End-of-Discharge Voltage Compensated for Discharge Rate and Temperature
    Automatic Capacity Reduction with Age
    Reports Temperature, Voltage, and Current
    High Accuracy Charge and Discharge Current Integration with Automatic Offset Calibration
    Requires No User Calibration
    Programmable Input/Output Port
    Internal User EEPROM Configuration Memory
    Uploadable Coefficients Allows Host-Side Use with Multiple Pack Characteristics
    Stable Oscillator Without External Components
    Dynamic End-of-Discharge Detection Delay to Allow Use in a High-Dynamic Load Environment
    Automatic Sleep Mode When Communication Lines are Low
    AvailableinaSmall3mmx4mmQFN Package
    Five Low-Power Operating Modes
    Ship: < 2 μA (bq27010 only)
    Hibernate: < 1.5 μA
    Data Retention: < 20 nA
    Active: < 90 μA
    Sleep: < 2.5 μA
    So it's good I'm working on a new app since Dr.Battery may have no job in the future "Requires No User Calibration".
    But I know it was a pain anyway.

    Depending of the provided interface by the webOS kernel it should be easy at least to get Dr.Battery read all values.
    Maybe I find some useful tweaks to the battery.
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    And there it is on the veer.
    Thanks to Derek we know now that there is no
    directory anymore in the Veer.
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    I've got some confirmation at webosconnect, that the new battery chip will (hopefully) not need calibration anymore.
    No confirmation on the name or manufacturer of the chip yet.
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    This thread seems to be my diary. Don't know if anybody is interested anymore.
    Thanks to Rod's bricking findings and jbg7474 and jc-Treo help it seems that the A6 is the touch2share interface as well.

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