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    Because of the large influx of threads being posted about the upcoming HP/Palm Announcement on February 9, we have created this thread as a place to discuss all things HP for that event.

    Feel free to discuss webOS, new HP devices, HP tablets, expectations, hopes, and wishes for the upcoming announcement.
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    HP Sends Out Invites For A WebOS Announcement (But Not During CES)

    guess we won't be seeing anything at CES
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    Nice scoop for the OP!
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    This is going to be bigger than anything they could have done at CES. Just wait...
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    gotta love me some coming months!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan078 View Post
    gotta love me some coming months!

    they really meant it when they said "in the coming months," huh?
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    Well done, HP. I always preferred they do their own event, and sending this out prior to CES makes perfect sense to keep the "CES or bust" crowd strung along for a wee bit longer.

    I wouldn't put it quite so close to MWC, but it's better than nothing.
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    Nice! This has been a big rumor for a while. It's nice to see some new news backing it up. It was rumored that HP was going to hold an event after CES, but before the next big event in the beginning of Feb.

    Very cool!
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    Makes sense... Keep holding on to those upgrades guys and gals.
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    Finally, the webOS Toaster that we've all been waiting for. I can't wait!
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    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! just in time
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    Pining over all of the cool new phones/tablets coming out of CES for an entire month is gonna be torture, but having their own press conference will help them gain headlines.

    i hope they have products ready to launch within 30 days of this announcement.
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    Now let's hope they get the Devices out real soon.
    And on sprint

    Did some post say June ?
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    I hope it turns out to be something great for all of you and I also hope it doesn't take 6 months after that, for it to be available for purchase.
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    and presenting the dark cloud to this silver lining, yours truly.

    This LIKELY means no hardware will be released between CES and this event.

    I really want new hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post seems like, at least for webOS fans, CES is over before it started.
    Aww, c'mon. This is cause for celebration, not taunting.
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    This is gonna be an expensive year for me... :sigh:
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