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    I don't know if you meant it, but this post is the best thing I have seen all day.
    Thanks. I needed that.

    Quote Originally Posted by joek71 View Post
    I personally cant wait for CES and now I totally cant wait for Fed 9, I read somewhere that any new phone from Palm will be coming out in June 12, or around that day. Hope it is a 4.3 inch screen with dual cpu. With that size screen dont need hard keyboard. Do you think that the new phones be out with 2.5 webOS or 3.0? Or is HP going to follow Apple way with doing major updates once a year. Cause if you look at Android they are already working on Honeycomb but Gingerbread not out yet and not all phones have Froyo. I swear I cant keep up with all these update from Android.

    What you guys think which way is better? Frequent updates or yearly updates. I am already camping out by the local Sprint store. :-)
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    Maybe HP's plan is to rebrand the OS to HP (done), but keep the phone hardware as Palm? Guess we'll find out at CES and at THE SHOW TO END ALL SHOWS (2/9/2011).
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    Quote Originally Posted by falconrap View Post
    But Palm is listed as an entity holding that room. Why even list Palm if 1) they have nothing to show or say, and 2) the name is supposedly going bye-bye? Seems like a waste of money and resources to have anyone from Palm there unless there was something to show or say.

    Like I said, I still find it hard to believe. It may be true, but still seems like a waste.
    They will host private briefings for enterprise accounts and partners. That's what those rooms are for.
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    Check out these new models. If the first phone on the lest is the 5" model I am getting it and the code name is mansion for it. I will also be getting the PalmPad. This will be a veru expensive summer for me. What model phones do you guys prefer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    I would think "in the coming months" still falls under that(6months) timeline....
    nope, that's half a year. But I know palms been getting things done at the very end of their self imposed deadlines. But then there's flash.
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    yeah the funny thing is people that for the past 6 months or so people on all different websites, blogs etc will tell you either they have or had a webos device and loved it over anything out, or cant wait for webos to be released on competitive hardware. I havent heard that about anything else, especially lately. People and anaylist alike call webos the best OS to be put on a mobile device, and def a tablet. I myself have not been impressed with android (having had the evo for a while) and though WP7 is very nice, my Pre does any and everything for me and some. I really do hope HP does webos justice the way it was supposed to in the begining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoverNole View Post
    Although Rube and Palm are apart of HP, this is NO longer the old Palm and a company like HP will NOT tolerate the things that took place at the old Palm in regards to announce now and release 6 months, etc.

    I am very confident we will see why HP is a major player and leader in the world within the technology industry. If you like how apple takes charge, leads, innovate, etc, then I believe one can expect the same from HP moving forward.
    I don't know why you directed this at me, it no longer matters, as far as I'm concerned. I no longer use Windows computers and have left WebOS behind, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joek71 View Post
    Check out these new models. If the first phone on the lest is the 5" model I am getting it and the code name is mansion for it. I will also be getting the PalmPad. This will be a veru expensive summer for me. What model phones do you guys prefer.
    god i hope the new devices look like the pic you posted.
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    What about any sort of announcement that might include how Melodeo, 3Par or any of the other acquisitions are going to be integrated into the webOS solutions? Music, Cloud Storage, etc is what is needed and needed big time. Big Picture, right?
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    so can we get webos 2.0 before then? or do we just wait a month to be told it'll be available in april, and new hardware in june?
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    Quote Originally Posted by m3grady2 View Post
    so can we get webos 2.0 before then?
    No one knows... I'm sure we'll get webOS 2.0 in the coming months.
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    Whoever pointed to the Slate as a failure by HP seems to forget that it was a half butted release because they pretty mich scraped the Windows tablet because the windows on tablets business never did well, and that they recently acquired an OS that would shine on a tablet.

    I'm optimistic about some news at CES, and some amazing products anounced at this HP event.

    Hell, my printers are HP, my laptop's HP, my deskops are HP...I have no problem also owning an HP branded cell phone.
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    I think webOS will be out in March, but 2.5-3.0 be out in June with the new units. " I hope "

    I hope that the new units will be like the picture I posted. The 4.3 or bigger be awesome. Dual cpu 64 Gig flash with SD Card expansion better battery life. I had the Pre when it just came out, then with horrible hardware i got the EVO, it is a awesome unit, the screen i great, battery SUCKS. I got rid of it got 9650 BB and that sucks even more, now I am buying Pre again till the new unit comes out this summer. Hope HP takes page from HTC with this EVO unit, better screen resolution be good. Ok guys I got my camping gear and I am of to Sprint Corp store to camp out in front till June . All those units look good in the picture, be getting PalmPad with new phone unit. I see that webOS is the best OS out there for phones, best multi tasking phone on market, i tried them all, NONE CAN COMPARE, just webOS needs more developers and more useful apps.
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    I gave my June 2010 upgrade to my daughter for her to get a new phone.

    I get to use hers in July, just in time for a new web OS apparently non Palm phone.

    If they are released by then.....
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    I think the 5" is to big, 4.3" is the perfect screen, not to big or to small, maybe 4.5", with high resolution. Keeping fingers crossed.
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    I get what you're saying, but I disagree. This is a solid date, not a vague statement about some undisclosed future device. We now know there will be big news on Feb. 9. Previously, we had no reason to expect any particular timeline from HP.

    HP took some time getting to that date, and it's definitely been frustrating for current users, but they had no reason to rush. Sure, they want to keep us, but more than that, they want a whole bunch of new adopters. That requires a homerun. I believe they are ready to raise the bat and challenge the pitcher on February 9. If they weren't, we'd stil be getting "in the coming months." The wait is over.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    great. Wait a year to be told another month to get told wait another 2-8 months. You guys can put all the positive spin on it you want but this sucks and is not good news anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    No one knows... I'm sure we'll get webOS 2.0 in the coming months.

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    Alright, here's my ridiculously lengthy 0.02.
    First off, the date: the ninth of february. They've figured out that a month is basically the longest that they can have us wait without losing our attention, and likely before most of the CES tablets are released. It's placed on a wednesday, which is quite a clever move. Why is this? Apple likes to announce on tuesdays and wednesdays. By placing their event on a wednesday, Apple can't place their event on either the day of or the day before, and if they did, it would simply enhance the news coverage Palm would get. (Imagine the headline: Palm and Apple announce rival tablets. Not great for apple.) For Apple's second gen iPad, I imagine it'll likely be a relatively simple upgrade; speed, ram, aesthetics, maybe even a resolution bump, 2 cameras, gyroscope, nothing groundbreaking. They're going to want to place it somewhere that doesn't bring the hype above and beyond. Their announcement will likely be in January (18, 19, or 26 [25 has Christmasine connotations]), with a late february release, or more likely, valentines day, as the rumors suggest (apple is likely to shy away from either the 1st or 31st of a month, because the number is too memorable. Don't ask me to explain that). This event is rumored to have the Verizon iPhone and the iPad 2, and probably some stuff about OS X too. The coup de grace for Palm is if they can announce products that are more groundbreaking than apple's; out-innovating them in a way.
    And how will they go about that?
    An exciting webOS announcment. That it's a webOS announcement says to me that we'll be seeing some of those tablets. Think small seems to talk about that tiny-phone to me. Think big, however, is more interesting. I would guess that it's a superphone with a rather largish screen. I'll relax my analyzation before I get to the Seussical poem, although it is worth noting that we've seen little software output recently, suggesting that the programmers have been working on some fantastical code for the Palmpad. My official guess-card is as follows:
    webOS 2.0/2.1 available for all immediately, with exhibition and voice-dialing.
    Announce of the next gen webOS, something that's between 2.1 and 2.5 (I don't know how hard and fast they're going to be playing the version number cards, but I know they might feel a need to get the number to be higher than Android's, because that kind of thing is actually kinda helpful. See Slackware for reference) ePrint, and Enyo support. Comes out in line with the Palmpad.
    The Palmpad; running webOS 2.1/2.2; a Core A9 proccessor and 512mb or more ram. I fully expect it to come with some new kind of induction charging stand; touchstone compatibility seems unlikely with that big of a screen. Probably coming out in the coming months.
    The new teen phone; likely with an A8 of some relatively normalish pedigree, and probably 256mb of ram. Slick design, touchstone out of the box, maybe marketed via music video, in order to make the design appealing to those tweensters. Not sure of the form factor, although I guess a slab is likely considering that it's supposed to be *really* *freaking* *small* I expect Palm to try and ride the hype train among the plebians with this design; their big mistake as of now has been an inability to explicate the good design of the pre and pixi to the public. Not called the Pixi 2; all that brings to mind is "What was the Pixi 1?" Probably out in about a month or so. I'd guess AT&T
    The new Superdevice. I'd say either a dualcore A9 or the same OMAP as the Pre 2, either 1 or two months until shipping, retina display or 480x800, in 3.5-3.7 inches, no keyboard, 16 or 32 GB. Palm, ala apple, loves Bezel too much to make it any bigger and stay attractive. Probably on sprint.
    webOS printers, mostly for enterprise, but also a version for home users; print from any mobile device, via email, via apps, via memory card, or over the network. Shiny design.
    Announcement that there are more phones coming; I'd expect one two months later. (I'm hoping it's on Tmobile).

    I'll be the first to admit that this may not all happen. The rule of presentationgiving is to split the presentation in three. They're either going to have the first segment be on Enyo and the next version of webOS. That'll encompass the printer too. Then they'll segue into the tablet. From that, they'll go to the phones, likely first with the superphone, and then the teenphone.
    Things that are possbile but unlikely:
    Three phones announced; one middle of the line landscape slider.
    webOS netbook. If there was one though, I'd expect it'd either slide or flip (ala the latitude duo.)
    webOS toaster.
    Someone will actually read this entire post.
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    If they don't release the toaster, I'll jump ship and buy an Android toaster.
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    Excited. I really wanted it to be at CES because I really don't want to wait, but then again we've been waiting for how long now? Another month won't hurt.

    My only hope is this. If you're taking a play out of Apple and MS's playbook by having your own event, problem. But please ALSO follow in Apple's footsteps and have a specific release date known THEN and let it be within a month to two max. Show us these top of the line new items...and then let us buy them while they're still top of the line.

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