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    Hmmmm, if the Veer is the smallest smart phone and rumors are correct that it uses the Pre's screen size, then the Pre 3 definitely has a bigger screen according to that. We'll know soon enough.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, that spec suggests there is no 3g version of the tablet - simply wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chompy View Post
    Ok, I know we don't have all the info yet, but I'm a little worried. There was no mention of a large-screen slab phone... Just the HP Veer (Pixi2?) Pre3, and Touchpad...
    We'll see soon enough, Chompy.
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    Tablet better have 4G. I'm already disappointed with the iPad resolution and lack of a rear facing camera (no possibility for augmented reality applications? HP, this is a fail).
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    This writer says he saw the Veer and it is small like a pebble (link and excerpt below)
    Preview of HP launch today: smartphone so small it is cool €” Scobleizer

    "...But recently I got a look at the smartphone that HP will be announcing in an hour and a half. More on that later today.

    What is it? The smallest little phone I’ve ever seen. It’s like a large pebble in your hand. Smooth and really nice to hold.

    This still sucks as a competitor for the iPhone or Android.

    But they’ve made it so small now that the thing I hated (small screen, which isn’t good for really doing work) is now an attribute.


    Because I could see owning this as a second phone. A “date” phone.


    Because it’s so small it helps me keep my online addiction at bay. But it still lets me tweet or look at the web in an emergency..."

    edit: think engadget used this post as a source on their site, pretty funny
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    That one on the left is tiny! Only holdable by 8 yr olds and under.
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    Last time I was this excited about a piece of technology I was listening about Nintendo having some sort of mysterious motion controller. Oooooooo. Seriously thoug, I live in Utah and neglected to take time zones into consideration (as per usual) and now I have to wait. And then they show off an ad about webOS now coming in small, medium and large. Brilliant.

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    VEER=Tiny phone: If true, could be a good phone for younger kids, i.e. pre-teens.
    I see pandas.
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    Actually, its like 40 minutes away.
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    Palm pre 3? YES
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    Pre 3 has a nice ring to it.

    If it is a slider, I'm hoping for something like the Dell Venue series, which has a four inch screen and a portrait sliding keyboard. Throw in a nice screen resolution, some dual core action, 768 MB - 1 GB of RAM, outstanding build quality, and you have an amazing (not so) little phone.
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    I hate the term "Teen Phone" that Dieter has been saying a lot lately. Why do teens get their own phone? lol
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    *Thread Merged*
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    hehehehehe finally the event has come

    I am more excited than a drunk high school girl at a frat party.
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    Non rear camera is hardly a "fail". Would it be nice? Yeah, but not nearly a "fail" type of scenario. Augmentive reality programs are just really getting underway at the moment and are a ways away from being truly ubiquious with a mobile experience. It also gives them a clear and obvious means of "upgrading" the thing in the next itteration which is probably smart. Additionally, I'd far more suspect a rare camera on the Opal rather than the Topaz. As has been said numerous times with the Tab and the iPad, the iPad is more for a sitting down stable type of use where as the Tab's size makes it more mobile friendly. Augmentive reality on a tablet is realistic and potentially useful on a 7" mobile device, but far less useful when you have a full on 10" tablet.

    Lack of 4G out of the gate again isn't a huge deal in my mind for the TABLET...I do think it'd be problematic potentially for a phone however unless they have one slated to come out for 4G in the next 6 months. Apple even started Wifi only with the iPad and the wifi version sells fine. If there's no plans AT ALL for 3g or 4g support coming to the tablet this year, that's going to be a definitely problem. However if they're launching the Wifi capable version in the next month and they're looking 3 months down the line to begin getting 3g or 4g versions, that's hardly a fail.

    Seriously, the "fail" word gets thrown out way to much. Get a nice build quality and look mixed with solid internals that competes with the set of smart phones set to come out in the next few months rather than what's been there a year before, and you've got a great start because it gives WebOS solid structure built upon it. And you can't get a better foundation for a device then WebOS in my opinion as far as how good the OS is.

    All the stats we've seen leaked point to improvements over the iPad in many areas and at worst staying the same.

    As far as the screen goes, I understand keeping that resolution. One of the big market niche's for tablets is e-reading and it seems pretty roundly considered that a 4:3 resolution is more ebook friendly than 16:9. As was shown to us with the Pre an its really nice looking colors and popping screen compared to the Iphone3G, there's more to a screen then simply resolution.
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    Doesn't bode well for phones. No slab phone means they blew it again.

    A tiny phone that no one will want. An updated Pre that's failed more than once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    I'm begging someone to post that onto the board from photobucket. Stupid websense!
    I cannot find anything on the event.

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    You at the HP event, maybe you should chant


    prior to the start.
    I see pandas.
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    toaster? We want a huge new phone not a toaster
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcoxestrella View Post
    toaster? We want a huge new phone not a toaster
    I see pandas.

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