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    Just looked at the video of Honeycomb and I'm not impressed. From a geek perspective, there is some neat/cool stuff, but the problem is that it's complex and doesn't have a flow. It looks like a mash of various concepts. The one thing webOS and even the old Garnett have/had is/was ease of use. Making it very easy to do everything you need is what made Palm...Palm. They still have that advantage.
    I agree. First thought - whoa, that's pretty. After watching the other demos, it's looking more and more cluttered and I HATE widgets. Never liked them, always thought they were weird and I think webOS is better in that you can have multiple 'widgets' (cards) but have them full fledged apps, all running in the background.

    I do have to say though, Honeycomb looks beautiful. Its apps/widgets/whatever are aesthetically pleasing such as the Twitter(?) demo and the bookstore. Not to mention how cool it is to have a 3d game like that to be played with a touchscreen.

    Feb 9th can't come soon enough...
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    Catch up? The strategy should be to leapfrog. By the time Google and Windows does their thing, Apple will have already zoomed past, and Blackberry is really trying to catch up.
    Can the market stand five OS's? Why not? However, to survive, HP/Palm can't be "just as good", rather they need to be "far better".
    Used Palm/Handspring for years, until the Treo line was no longer available on either Verizon or T-Mobile. (I slipped on ice and landed on my Treo, killing it). Still like the old OS, and pulling for the HP/Palm Webos. Really want to see the PalmPad! It has the real opportunity to kick *** before Google does it's thing, and it will be a long time before Windows has a real Tablet OS. The field is open, Run to Daylight!
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    If I were to work for HP, I will 1st address the mass consumers market by I opening up the Apps Cat to all regions, regardless where the Profile is created. In this way thousands of Palm loyal users across the world will able to get hold of the unlock device online or locally without any concern. Words will starts to spread from thousand users across the world to millions and such advertising has been provened very effective. Next thing I will do is to allow others Phone Manufacturers to use the WEBOS (like what Microsoft and Google are doing). This will increase the WEBOS market share by leaps and bounds, in return more developers will want to have a piece of the pie. Some software company refuse to develope software for WEBOS because of its small market share. To encourage the earlier users of WebOS to buy Palm Pre, whenever there is a new version of WEBOS , I will allow the earlier device to be upgraded over the internet, so that the earlier users of WEBOS will feel secure and "being looked after".

    The 2nd task i will address is the enterprise market. And I want to quote FALCONREP ...Finally a combination of the infamous Mojo messaging service and fully encrypted, highly secure cloud server service to directly compete with RIM's BES, but make it much cheaper, and then you can combine this service, and the phones and tablets, to contract packages with business who buy your phones and printers. This would be impossible for RIM to directly compete against, since they don't make PC's, printers, servers, and business application packages.

    Are you listening HP Palm? Why are you ignoring Asia Pacific region, if Apple, Google can have their Apps Cat make available in this region, why is WEBOS unable to? It speaks of one thing, Asia Pacific region is not worth HP resourses. HP is contended with USA and European market.
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    A lot of you guys mention multitasking, but the Pre's multi-tasking abilities are well over a year old and no one really seems to care about it. In terms of the number of apps, Palm is playing a serious job of catching up to the Iphone and Android. Let's say that Palm gets like 100,000 apps, they're just pulling even to the competition. How do they get ahead? Jaltman made a great point, Palm has been a very innovative company. The Palm Pilot and Palm Treo were innovative items and sold very well. The question is: at this point in the game, what is the next big thing that mobile phones can offer?
    Some of you guys mentioned flooding the market with devices, but look at the Iphone. It's like the best selling phone in the market, but they only come out with one every year. I think if Palm can redefine what a mobile phone is and make it a "superphone" and take it a level beyond a smartphone, then they'll have a chance. I think flooding the market with different phones is a bad idea, it's not the way Palm operates.
    The app developers and customers will come when they see a great product. The Palm Pre 2 is not that product. If the things that make the Palm Pre great aren't appealing then a Pre on steroids isn't going to draw the masses in. They barely even changed the form of the phone!
    Here are my suggestions for Palm's new Superphone:
    1) Make it bigger. It doesn't have to be Evo big, but bigger than the dainty Pre.
    2) The phone needs to have some sort of link between phones. Like Blackberry has BBM, the new Palm phone should have a unique way of interacting between other Palm phones/ devices. For example, the ability to beam contacts, memos, between phones.
    3) Give it a unique way of charging. The Touchstone is awesome, but it's really just a fancy charger. Solar power? Kinetic movement? Can these things power a phone? I'm no engineer, but it would be amazing if you could keep your phone charged with solar power or kinetic movement.
    4) Advanced security. Retina scanning or fingerprinting to unlock use of the phone. Think of how much personal info you have in your phone. Laptops use fingerprints, I'm sure the technology can be transferred to a mobile device.
    5) Catch up to other phones in terms of hardware. The hottest phones have the following features: two cameras, 4G connectivity, 1 GB of processing power. Palm needs to stop settling for mediocrity and go for greatness. the Pre 2 only has 1 of the 3 things that I mentioned and it hasn't even been released yet. By the time it comes out, it's going to be WAAAAAYYY behind. And this is Palm's flagship phone!
    6)?????????---this is where the new Superphone feature goes. I don't know what the next step in mobile devices will be. I didn't even see the whole two camera thing coming. That was a great concept! Maybe the solar/ kinetic charging thing. Maybe a removable keyboard. Perhaps a phone that can be custom designed. Options for adding a keyboard, amount of memory, built-in apps. The same way desktops/ laptops are customizable, phones could be customizable. I'm out of ideas for now.
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    I have to quibble with one part of your post (as many of your other items are what we mention - the mojo service addresses number 2, BBM), which is the 100k apps. Palm doesn't need that many apps. Quite frankly 10-20k high quality apps would suffice. After all, there are only so many tasks you can really due with a phone. Most apps are just derivatives of others. Lots of games as well.

    The biggest thing HP/Palm needs to do with respect to apps is get about a dozen or so of the "big" apps that are still missing from webOS. Many have been mentioned here before. If they do that, combined with the other things mentioned, they'll do quite well.
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