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    This is the thread for general Palm and/or HP complaints and replies. All "I'm leaving" posts and replies go here as well. Here is an article summarizing major complaints.

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    5. My Notification lets you set your alert sound.
    6. How to Install the On-Screen Keyboard gives you that feature too.

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    For first time in many, many years. Had a Pilot way back when and the Handspring Treo 300 was when I joined up here. Have always been a Palm ****** from close to the beginning.

    Have really enjoyed webOS and my pre but my latest Pre started having issues, crack at USB hole (cover long gone) getting to the screen, power button starting to get wonky and someting continually turing off the ringtone no matter what I did.

    Of course, no Pre's at Sprint, could have gotten one off of ebay and limped along until something new announced from Palm but the $99 for the Evo at Radio Shack was too good to pass up. Plus I got a free BT headset I wrapped up and gave to my wife!

    Have to say that although WebOs is more elegent and smoother in many ways, the Evo experiance has been very positive. Much better for browsing, so many apps, XM Radio, Kindle app, great camera and video, swype is petty fun, built very solid. So many things the Evo can do that the Pre simply can't. I know 2.0 looks like it will have voice dialing, but Evo has that plus voice searching and voice to text and text to voice, Youmail working a lot better and faster on Evo than did on the Pre. I can really and truely creat and edit real documents!

    Always thought I would need a physical keyboard, but their are several good vitual ones that I'm doing fine with plus the swype verson I downloaded that works great. Still liked my old 755 keyboad best, but the screen ones on the EVO are just as good for me as the Pre's. Do miss my touchstone and PowerNap, my all-time favorite Pre-app, havent found anything as good as PowerNap yet.

    I hope that Palm comes out with something great soon and, if it does, I will be happy to come back. I will keep peeking in here since this is still the greatest community anywhere. Its a shame that we have been (so far) let down by circumstances and poor decisions.

    So, as Tigger says "TTFN." Pre/Treo Central has been like a family to me for a long time, met a number of people here at various events over the years and come to know and respect so many Palm nuts like me.

    But, dang, if this EVO isnt a great phone, not perfect, but -- this is really hard to say -- overall a better smartphone right now than the pre-minus on Sprint.
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    My complaint is not really with the hardware or WebOS but the lack of Apps... I have been waiting for Slingplayer since the Pre was announced (I had Slingplayer for PalmOS on my 755) as well as other Apps available on Android but not on WebOS...

    Yes, it would be great to get a new, Slick phone from Samsung or HTC running WebOS but I really want the Apps... You can't wait 12 months to introduce a new handset in today's tech market. You can't keep promising things like Flash or even Apps like Slingplayer and not deliver...

    I have used Palm phones for more years than I can remember but barring any major breakthroughs in the next few months, there will most like be a Samsung Epic in my future....

    I will miss the Homebrew crowd and Preware but it's gotten ridiculous just waiting for developer support....
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    I also took advantage of the $99 deal, and don't think I could have summed it up any better myself. You hit everything right on in my thinking as well, it was more a matter of price and maybe having to wait for another six months before something decent hits the market and if Sprint will even pick it up.

    In one way I hate to leave the WebOS system since I liked the ease of use but it isn't worth for me to wait around indefinitely for the unknown. I was one of the biggest supporters and defenders of them and someday in the future, I might be again. But for now, need to go post Pre and the way of the Evo.

    Thanks as well to the entire PC community, you really enhanced the Pre experience.
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    Enjoy your new phone! I don't think anyone can blame you for ditching the Pre lol...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Nice, but you're supposed to say that you love webOS and that it's hands-down the best mobile operating system out there as you are jumping ship.
    webos is superior minus the lack of apps. it's the hardware that is too far outdated.
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    the good news is that you will be able to use your next upgrade for a webOS phone if Palm executes well in 2011.
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    EVO for 99 bucks is hard to resist and Sprint is REALLY trying to get contact renewals and bone you an extra bucks for 4G lately. Here me I had to wait 8 weeks to get an EVO...

    They keep giving me sprint premier fliers and calls to upgrade my line to an EVO/EPIC knowing that I already bought them outright but its cause Im still using Pre so no 10 bucks for them on the line and contract free.
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    Some of you might know me here as one of the biggest supporter of WebOs, But I too had to jump. I just couldnt wait any longer. I had a few issues w/ the hardware but that, in the end wasnt the reason for leaving.
    The Epic4g is so much smoother than the Pre+ (even oc'ed to 1.2) everything happens when I click on it. In this age of tech apps shouldnt take 30 secs to load.

    I still love the elegance of webOs but that is only part of the experience. I need a device that has useful apps and a large screen (im getting old).
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    I usually don’t respond to these “Goodbye Palm” post but:

    Your first comment is a bit confusing:

    Thank you to the WebOS underground development community, WebOS-Internals folks, for Quick Install, Preware, My Tether and all of the amazing patches and the people behind those. I originally rooted my Pre in July 2009. My limited experience with Android so far is that the underground community is no where organized or centralized as WebOS.
    What you call underground is actually homebrew. Palm and HP actually recognize and condone the homebrew community as a functional part of the webOS experience unlike most other platforms that will void your warrantee if you root or jailbreak your phone.

    I speak for myself when I say that I do not need your thoughtful insight about leaving webOS. Members of this forum are painfully aware of Palms hardware and software shortcomings and do not need daily reminders. I have read scores of post on the subject and am a little tired of jumpers yelling Geronimo as they leap to another mobile OS, phone or platform.

    I would be interested after you get your new Evo or whatever you end up with; in hearing a thoughtful comparison between the functions and features of your new phone and your experiences with webOS. From reading other posts on this and other forums, I think you will find shortcomings in whatever you select because the mobile market is structured in such a way that they actually want you to replace your hardware every one or two years.

    I do sincerely wish you well in your "unexpected decision to leave webOS" and hope for your speedy return.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    Some of you might know me here as one of the biggest supporter of WebOs, But I too had to jump. I just couldnt wait any longer. I had a few issues w/ the hardware but that, in the end wasnt the reason for leaving.
    The Epic4g is so much smoother than the Pre+ (even oc'ed to 1.2) everything happens when I click on it. In this age of tech apps shouldnt take 30 secs to load.

    I still love the elegance of webOs but that is only part of the experience. I need a device that has useful apps and a large screen (im getting old).
    I feel the same way but have yet to jump ship. Waiting for Sprint to get a Windows Phone 7 phone. I really like the way that OS looks and feels. It won't be as great as WebOS but I like it better than the Android OS.
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    My complaint is too the lack of apps. I just read today on PPCGeeks that WP7 has just reached 5000 apps in three months. Palm just hit 5000 apps in how long? I wish I could develop, but my brain does not work that way. There is also a lack of sync with our PC's. HP better do something fast before they are out of the game. The Palm Pad or whatever it is going to be called should have been released this last Christmas season.
    If it wasn't for the Homebrew Community, I would have been gone long ago. I do want to thank everyone involved in their efforts in keeping the Webos going.
    I hope that HP has something up their sleeve. Time is running out.
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    Here's one. Why is Palm waiting until Feb. 9??? Have you seen all the new devices mentioned at CES?? By the time Feb. 9 rolls around, many people will have already decided on another device so Palm has huge uphill battle IMO. Again and again, Palm is late to the game.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    Where's my general specific thread?
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    Oh, and February 9th better be like the time I discoverd M&M McFlurry's....
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    (If you're still even thinking about Palm at all)..


    You were in there.. now no one knows your name.

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    I'm not sure that you are in a position to speak for anyone but yourself.

    <<title changed to reflect post>>
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    Who cares if no one knows the Palm name. Palm is gone now and it's not coming back.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
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    I think some people forget that the market isn't even close to saturated with smartphones. So they (Palm) might have missed a few things but they (HP) will capitalize.
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    I personally don't care about HP, Apple, Google or RIM. I will simply choose the phone that best suits my needs. Today it's a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. Who knows what the future will bring?

    All this vitriol makes no sense to me.
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