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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    There's nothing to be sorry about poster, it's great to see that you have managed to stick so long on WebOSLand and for that you should feel proud of it. If Apple's iOS seems like a nice fit for you, feel no remorse about moving onto another platform(or as people say to Dark Side). iPad might be a nice device with great built-quality, but I feel that somehow you will miss the whole card interface along with the synergy functionality. That's one thing that I used to love about the TouchPad was the cards, synergy and wireless charging.

    I'm sure that it will eventually happen to everyone including me(still clutching onto my Palm Pre 2 device), that we will have to forcefully move into another competing OS....because "Stupid HP" decided to drop the project and abandon WebOS......

    Anyways, if you decide to move into another platform we all here wish you good luck.

    Thanks for understanding. You can see from my signature line that I've been a Palm user long before the convergence of the organizer to the cell phone. I had a Palm IIIC with a Qualcomm phone and a tether cable so that I could email from the IIIC. In its day, it was totally unheard of. But oh how times have changed. I guess I'll "think beyond".
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    Well my daughters Pre- finally failed. I offered to buy her a new Veer for free but she had enough. She went out a bought a Motorola Razor V for $500. She loves it and says she won't be back... Sad day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy1969 View Post
    My WebOS days are slowly coming to an end. Not completely yet, but visibly. I am getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 from my company, which I can use privately as well, so I am going to put my Pre3 to rest.
    Still got the Touchpad though, well, we'll see how long that makes it, before it's replaced by some other gadget.

    Coming from a long line of devices in the IT business (with highlights as the C64, Amiga2000, Palm Pilot, Palm III, and many more) I know what it means to support the underdog.
    In a few days, when my GS3 arrives, I will enjoy the "winners" side once more (I had two iPhones, so I know it a bit).

    For me, the Pre3 and the Touchpad are the last HP products I ever bought. This is for sure.
    I do like to support underdogs who are creative and give us interesting and genious things to play with.
    I do NOT support moronic molochs of compaies that have no idea of innovation and seem to use apple maps to find a strategy ...

    I absolutely LUURVED the community here and will drop in frequently, at least as long as I use my touchpad.
    So this ain't exactly a farewell
    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Awright, cool. Like losing good friends even tho we never met. Enjoy your new phone

    Isn't it a shame how such potential was punted away. I only know of two people in my local circle who are still hanging tough. But if Open webOS doesn't get cracking, I'll be disappearing one day too, but I don't find any of the current alternatives appealing enough to be my primary phone.

    If I didn't have 3 different phones, I might have been forced to split too. As great as webOS is (or more accurately has the POTENTIAL to be, it is getting LOOOOONG in the tooth. (and has seen no significant upgrades or major support in almost two years)

    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Didja see that story making the rounds - some enterprising group has webOS running as an app on Android -slow as molasses at the moment, but it looks promising), ...thats the holy grail, webOS on any android device without rooting. I'd buy that app! ;-)

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    I have enjoyed my venture into WebOs and loved my Pre2 but with changing times and technology getter more improved it didn't make sense to stay stuck in the mud. I've moved on to Android with a Pantech Burst phone. It has many of the same features like a 5megapixel camera with flash and 1ghrtz processor but also a front facing camera and the ever expanding android market. If WebOS ever rises from the ashes I may return. One thing I will say is that the WebOS community is fantastic, haven't found a group like it that is willing to help and offer suggestions. Because of that I really do hope WebOS does make a comeback.
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    How is the Pantech? A few years ago (before smart phones were practically all of the phones available), a guy at Best Buy handed me a Pantech [phone to check out, and I swear I thought it was a plastic "dummy" phone, but it was an actual dumbphone.
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    Understandable, Hotlynx. I still have a drawer full of WebOS devices, and I use them off and on from time to time on my spare line; but I bought a Google Nexus for my daily driver and have to say it's quite nice.

    Like you, I'm still watching WebOS with great interest; one of the reasons I bought the Nexus was that it'll likely be the first candidate for a full version of Open WebOS. In the meantime, I'm enjoying Jellybean...
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclingdaddy View Post
    I felt like I needed a place to vent.

    But since I am a man of few words, all I can say is that I am getting worn down with all the WebOS wasteland.

    I feel like I am clinging to a ship whose time has sailed. A lost boy. On a deserted island (except for you guys here). I spent a week on a business trip with a bunch of guys with iPhone 5's. After that I have to say that I am finding myself ready to go to the dark side. I will have to move to an iPad anyway because of work apps that won't run on my TouchPad. So like the siren's call, I am being lured into the iOS community. Heck I even joined iMore to see what all the buzz is about. My family carries two Veers and a Pre Plus in addition to my Pre 2. But the kids also have iPod Touches and my wife has an iPad 3. I play tech doctor on the WebOS stuff nonstop. The Apple stuff works like a charm...all the time. I don't have time to babysit the technology anymore. It should serve me rather than the other way around. Homebrew is great, but why should I have to constantly peek into the bowels of my Pre 2 to figure out what is going on. And then download patches to fix quirks? I want out. I'll miss the great user interface. I love the cards. But I'm tired of the "too many cards - DAD CAN YOU FIX MY PHONE!?" So on April 30th 2013 my contract is up. I'm going to be counting every day until then. My wife and kids are not on contract so I suppose if I go to the dark side, they'll be right behind me.

    Sorry guys.
    I was in the same boat. Being the tech guy at home, with 4 touch pads and my palm pre original... Always having to fix or reboot something.

    I put it off as long as possible, but my wife recently started her own business and felt she could use an iPad so we got one. I've used it a handful of times in recent days, and I like it better than my touchpad. No lag. Great responsiveness. Doesn't feel cheap.

    We got he an iphone5 a few days ago, and switched her from Sprint to Verizon. The Verizon 4g lte is blazing fast.

    On sprint we were paying the $10/mo and didn't even get 4g.

    As much as I hate to admit it, this apple stuff isn't too bad.

    I miss gestures and cards too, but I'm adapting.
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    Well I promised I'd light my veer on fire after it stopped working, and here's the results... I decided to shoot it first though, for good measure.
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    O... K...
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    OK... riiiiiiiight... <threads merged>
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    Not sure how my thread ended up here.. I still have a Pre3 and a touchpad. I'm not going anywhere
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    It was merged in here because this is where we put threads like that.
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    You're the boss, boss
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    Quote Originally Posted by m0ngr31 View Post
    Not sure how my thread ended up here.. I still have a Pre3 and a touchpad. I'm not going anywhere
    id imagine if the day came where i said on my deathbed then eventual grave visit, (which btw i would really like a motion/range detecting gravestone which pops up a robotic zombie arm/hand from the ground and makes zombie groaning noises) that i wanted my pre3/touchpad(s) thrown in the ground with me, id expect my last post explaining this to also be filed here for safe keeping.

    keeps things tidy.
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    Wife got tired of the slow as heck Pre Plus and I bought a used Droid 2 Global and Droid X for us to try. We liked them but then hers went for a swim and mine got some software problems and she upgraded to a Galaxy S III and I got a used Droid RAZR.

    The phones are good - but we LOVED our Pre's and only LIKE our Androids. ICS has helped, the influence of webOS is felt gently but there is still room for improvement.

    My daughter still uses a Pre Plus.
    My dad just reactivated a Palm Treo 700w.
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    After owning a webOS phone for the last 3 years (Pre followed by a Pre3) its with heavy heart that I'm leaving the OS behind and moving on.

    My new phone will be the Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8. My girlfriend has a Lumia 800 and I've been impressed by the OS when I've had a good play with that.

    I will massively miss webOS though. I've really enjoyed using it and standing out from the crowd using iOS and Android. I think its a real shame that HP killed webOS as its easily the most intuitive OS out there. The lack of apps has never really bothered me as I've always been able to find one's to do what I want, particularly with Preware. Having a solid, free satnav in the form of Navit has been a revelation and one of the reasons I stuck with webOS for as long as I did.

    All the patches which enabled the customisation is something I'll miss too.

    I do hope that Palm will receive the credit they deserve for being pioneers in Wireless charging. I don't think I could cope with having to plug a phone in every day and this is one of the reasons I'm going for the Nokia. I love the touchstone and if anyone can advise of a mod that will make it work with the Lumia 920, I'd be very interested to know.

    webOS, I salute and if you're one day resurrected you will definitely have an early adopter in me.
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    this is strictly a venting session to try to decompress from another very long and arduous attempt to keep webOS in my life. i don't recommend reading it, it's more just for me to try to empty out some stress.

    it seems the harder i try, the harder it is to find success with these phones. i get to a point where i want to find the answers to solve the problems, but simply cannot sort the information any longer, and then i have to back away. but i can't back away; it's my phone; it has to work.

    i've had a Pre since the day they came out. i went through the hardware issues of old history; and never really had much issue with swapping one phone for another, through the course of 7 phones. i just loved webOS that much, that it was worth the minor hassle, and that's why there's replacement coverage available to buy.

    when HP bailed on webOS, i really was upset; why did they even buy the damn company? ugh i so wish ANYONE else had bought it; at least anyone who'd have committed to building phones and not just throwing everything in the trash. sure, there's this super-secret Gram thing; but it's not doing anything for us anytime soon, so it's irrelevant until it does. meanwhile, every other phone-related company is moving forward with technology, and the technology is moving completely away from the direction that the Pre was. and when i say that, i mean this:

    hm. i dont know why this image isn't displaying either. i thought that's how you do tags for forums. jeez i am so tech illiterate. today was my first day on IRC even. i guess this is what getting old does to ya. everything seems more complex while everyone around you is saying it's easier than ever. well, i attached it at the bottom. it's just a picture i spent a few mins working on, so i wanted to post it. seems the only skills i have are in MS Paint. and even the Win7 version is more difficult than XP's. why???

    but anyway, the primary reason why i loved webOS was because it was able to do so much, without asking very much in return. it was INTUITIVE, like it new what i wanted, or what type of gesture i'd think to make, before i did. you want to close an app, you just swipe it up and away! brilliant!

    but now it seems the ease of use is gone. in fact, for me it feels like to continue to use webOS i have to become a programming master. which i am not. i'm an old man, who's had a lot of serious head injuries and i don't know how i'm not dead yet from any one of them.

    right now i have about a dozen tabs open from webosnation and webosinternals. i've been reading all day. application save/restore, application metadoctor, cross platform meta guide, preware for dummies, etc. there's SO much information, there's too much. info that's been superceded and made obsolete. info with the first post updated; info with the last post most current, and 57 pages in between, with some having the critical insight at post #234.

    i can't keep up anymore. i feel like i'm drowning. i've asked for help, but the people that are still here are either busy with openwebos, or they're just not here anymore cuz they moved on; making me feel like i'm clinging to a dream i woke up from, and i want to go back.

    it reminds me of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. i never watched that show, but i did catch one episode that i thought was slick: essentially she woke up from a coma in which she was only dreaming the whole vampire slaying lifestyle. in the end, somehow she went back to the 'reality' that we knew, and the show maintained continuity. but am i trying to fight a battle i can't win? am i now too incompetent to stay with webOS, because you have to be a meta-doctoring pro?

    when people say they've written their own meta-doctors, it blows my mind. i dont even know where to find the regular doctors, except through the HP site when you put in the serial number. and tonight i just tried to put in the serial for my Pre-, and it just kept looping back to the 'choose your model' page. the last word of the URL just said 'sorry'. really??

    so i've got a franken pre2 that is acting too buggy to be happy using. it will not locate, let alone install, pandora, even though several people have checked and told me 'oh yeah, it's right there'. and the Pre- is in some zombie state worse than sim-sos devmode state, i'm guessing because it's cdma. it says phone offline, but with wifi on it will websurf. but it won't login to the palm profile, it won't log into the app catalog, and with wifi on for the last hour it's been stuck in 'checking for updates'.

    i dont know if i should re-doctor them both, and if so which doctor, and what else can i do? git pull? make clobber? how do i do those? through WOSQI? through ubuntu?

    it all makes me feel like an *****. like i have to go to android because i'm just too stupid to make webOS work. which SUCKS. i like webOS i dont want to learn anything else. my brain doesn't receive new information like it used to. i used to be really freakin' smart. now i'm literally shocked that my MRI last month did not turn up a grapefruit tumor in my skull, which would have actually made me breathe a sigh of relief, as a reason why i've become so stupid. maybe i'm getting alzheimer's or something like that? hm. hadn't thought of that yet.

    i dont know. it's christmas, which sucks as it is, since i ate almost everything in the house today while reading this site since 9am, and forgot that it will be difficult to find food tomorrow with most places closed for the holiday. just another thing to make me feel like a moron.

    hopefully no one is reading this, i just wanted to vent. i know i couldve typed it on a page and deleted it, but there's something about shouting it out the window to the world that makes me feel like i'm really getting it off my chest and not just screaming in an echo chamber. it's either speak out loud, or become invisible.

    if anyone has read this, well i hope you're not feeling a similar way; and if so, just know that someone sympathizes with ya. and i'm not expecting replies, it's not a call for help, i just wanted to get it outta me, so i dont take it to bed with me where i'll just mull it over 'til i blame myself for anything and everything.

    christmas is always a tough time. i guess i'm just trying to stay up late enough that i'll sleep through as much of it as possible. i'd rather have been happy with my new Franken, which i am kinda proud of myself for even building it; but without being able to program it to function correctly i feel like i'm just ****in away money i dont have to waste. maybe i should go back to a dumb phone, appropriate for a dumb user. i just wanted pandora to work, and now i can't install it on either phone.

    ok finally i'm tired enough to go to bed. thanx, webosnation, for being here just so i had some place to go.
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