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    After much soul searching I bought a black 32 gig Iphone 4S today. I have had Palm since the Pilot 5000. My original Palm Pre still worked fine but it was time to move on. I waited for the Galaxy S 2, when it came out I realized it was just like all the other Android phones but just faster and way to big. I never considered an Apple product until I seen the SIRI feature. If it worked half as good as the demos it would be impressive.
    Well after a a few hours of getting use to the phone I can report that SIRI is VERY impressive. I asked it to text, email, call anyone and it understands me with no trouble. It is the killer app that made me buy this phone.
    The phone itself is ok, very fast and the interface is not as elegant as WebOs. The camera seems to be very good.
    I am using my Palm ear buds since they have a button to pause/advance my music that work on the Iphone. The Iphone ear buds do not have this feature.
    I like the feel of the Palm better, it is grip-pier and has no sharp edges like the Iphone.
    Itunes sucks, it is much to complicated to transfer my music and pictures to the phone. Don't get me wrong...I did it but it was just extra steps compared to the Palm.

    If Palm comes back so will I...but until then I will be ok with the Iphone and I will be using SIRI happily.
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    Amen. Though I won't be back if Palm comes back. I'll be back WHEN webOS comes back to Sprint. I'm still holding out hope.
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    I plan on getting the 4S soon. I will then jailbreak it with the following cydia tweaks that I feel give it a more webOS feel.

    webOS like tweaks
    1. TehherMe (works better than MyWi and can't be detected... MyWi won't work on TouchPad)
    2. 5-Row Keyboard
    3. WiFiSMS (text on your PC or iPad... Syncs with iPhone)
    4. Copic (show profile photos in contacts search everywhere)
    5. Anicons (icons of popular settings)
    6. MultiFl0w or LameSwitcher or CardSwitcher (card view when switching apps)
    7. AnyAttach (adds paperclip to email to attach any file)
    8. ManualCorrect (tab word choice to complete correction)
    9. SpotURL (launch websites from spotlight search)
    10. MobileNotifier (unobtrusive messages) or NotifierPro
    11. AttachmentSaver (save email attachments)
    12. iSocialShare (upload photos to facebook or twitter from within the photos app)
    13. LogoMii (change boot logo to anything you desire... I.e. PALM)
    14. RoundCorners (palm pre round corners on screen)
    15. SBSettings (settings drop down menu from top of screen... Use Transparent SBSettings theme for a cool look)
    16. Gesturizer (create custom gestures)
    17. FlashEnhancer (LED notifications on camera flash)
    18. Safari UniBar (makes search and URL bar all one bar)
    19. NowListening (displays

    Here are other tweaks I am considering...

    Opentab background
    Weespeeddial (contacts at lockscreen)
    MT Gestures Themes (iPad 2 Gestures n iPad)
    PowerIcons (adds icons that can reboot, shutdown, respring or enter safe mode)
    ZoomIsBack (double tap to bring zoom options in camera)
    (kill all apps from within notification center)
    FaceBreak (enables facetime over 3G)
    GPower Pro (when hold down power button gives option to power off, respring, or reboot)
    Locktopus (put a password on any apps)
    My3G (makes iPhone think it's on wifi... Stream better quality video and enables facetime on 3G)
    MXTube (download you tube videos)
    iPicMyContacts (contact photos appear next to their name in contacts)
    MailKeyboardHide (hides keyboard when you are composing an email but want to scroll and proofread the email)
    Mask (change springboard icons to any shape)
    Icon Renamer
    Infinidock (more icons in dock)
    Infiniboard (more icons on a page... Scroll up and down)
    iGotYa (password protect phone and takes photo)
    GravityBoard (gravity on icons with shake)
    Iconoclasm (different arangemenrs of icons)
    Smoothe Board (scroll springboard icons with momentum)
    ChatPic (profile photo in chat app)
    MakeItMine (change carrier name and banner name)
    DictGoogle (tap a word in email, safari, etc and google it)

    BiteSMS or SMS+
    Mail Enhancer
    KBShortcuts (swype and more)
    HomePage (return to first icon row when close a page)
    VoiceKeys (voice recognition)
    UShare (adds sharing options to youtube videos)
    YourTube (ability to download youtube videos)
    AndroidLock XT (can't use with intelliscreen)
    FBphotoSave (save facebook photos to photo roll)
    ActionMenu (highlight text and have read to you)

    FiveIcon Dock
    Barrel (3D icon roll efect)

    ShapeWriter (installous) Swype!
    DreamBoard (newer and better than winterboard)
    Notifier Pro
    Live Clock (may slow system)
    No Spot
    Pandora Skip

    3G Unrestrictor
    Intelliscreen (weather, mail, calendar on lock screen)
    Parallex (scrolling background wallpaper) or use Simple Backgrond
    SpeedIntensifier (speeds all animations)
    VWallpaper (video wallpaper)
    KeyVibrate (feel each key you press)

    GridTab (view grid of open webpages in Safari)

    PhySwitch (card switching with volume keys... Or swipe up)
    Pull To Refresh (refresh email or safari)

    Apps: Fenix Notes

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    Love my hp touchpad. Bought a palm pre 2 but the darn thing was just too small for me. Would have rather had a palm pre 3 but hp gave up so i bought an iphone 4s and even though i want badly to look back and hope webOS is yelling at me, provoking me to come back cause they got something new and great to show me i cant see it happening so i suppose i am another one of apples fanb0ys now lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by erasef301 View Post
    I plan on getting the 4S soon. I will then jailbreak it with the following cydia tweaks that I feel give it a more webOS feel.

    webOS like tweaks... Blahblahblah
    Now that's a crapload of tweaks!
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    well... its over for me too. I had a launch day pre that i loved but the hardware was starting to fail. I left sprint for a free t-mobile HD7 (windows phone). I gotta say... i am loving the windows phone (both software and hardware). I can finally have my phone read me text messages through my car (SYNC) and even dictate responses back!! Ill miss WebOS but for now... no looking back! (i do still have and love my TouchPad though)
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    I know I was never the most active member here, but I like to think I helped out a couple people when I could. I did enjoy the sense of community and involvement. Sadly, I can't justify clinging to what I now believe is a dead platform, so I'm retiring my launch + 1 month Pre on Sprint for a Galaxy SII (sorry, Sprint Epic 4G Touch is too long to type Moving over to Android Central, same handle. Keep the faith, but will the last one out please turn off the lights
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    At the risk of becoming the most hated poster on PreCentral, I have to admit that if I put aside my emotional attachments to webOS and put on the CEO cap, I now understand the decision HP took regarding webOS, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE that they will reverse it.

    Firstly, remember that HP has close ties with Microsoft. They tried to go Microsoft on mobile before with the Windows mobile devices, and those fizzled. They realize mobile is vitally important, so they seize the opportunity to buy Palm. They spend a huge amount of money buying it, because they know that mobile is the future. They then spent a lot of money developing devices, but unfortunately they don't have a real hit.

    They look around at the market, and realise that none of their peers really have a hit either. There's iOS, and then everyone else is fighting for their small piece of what's left of the pie - no one except Apple is really owning. Even if HP had markets better, prices better, and puts a bit more refinement into the products the chances that they will have an actual hit is still slim to none.

    To make matters worse, Android ICS is going to be released soon, which has Google and a lot of other hardware makers supporting it, and it sports a user interface which has a lot in common with the webOS interface. Once ICS drops, how does HP compete with dozens of varied devices from different manufacturers that have a HUNDRED TIMES more Apps, and a similar User Interface? They can't - it's impossible. Only an Apple-like company could accomplish that, and HP is not that type of company.

    But all isn't lost. Microsoft is making another go at mobile, and with Windows Phone and WIndows 8 it looks like they're really onto something this time. Microsoft will do the heavy lifting in terms of the software development and hardware specs, THOUSANDS of developers will make apps, and HP can just tweak the devices, saving a TON of money, and end up with products that will DEFINITELY sell at least as well as the webOS devices, and maybe even have a hit or two.

    So what does HP do about webOS then? Well, it doesn't make business sense to spend any more money on it - why spend hundreds of millions on webOS and possibly continue making a loss when you can spend just tens of millions on Windows Phone/Windows 8 and definitely make a profit? It makes sense to just sell it - BUT you can't sell it cheap, because whoever you sell it to is going to in essence be competing with you, and if by some miracle they do make a success out of it, then you want to be compensated upfront for the sales that the buyer is going to steal away from you. If no one is willing to pay that much, then so what? Worse case scenario it sits there till it starves to death, and then you sell off the patents and still get something back. And this is exactly what is happening, because no one looking at the market objectively will be willing to pay what HP will want for webOS.

    HP is biding it's time, content to sit on the sidelines for the rest for 2011 and longer until Windows is ready, all the while waiting to see if a fool will come along and pay what it's asking for webOS. And at this stage, only a fool will buy webOS. People are hoping Amazon will buy it, but Amazon doesn't even need it. They've already done the hard work involved with developing their own Android based platform, they already have their crack team of developers in place, they have experience making hardware - at this point they no longer need the shortcut to a more advanced OS that webOS could provide them, because they are now fully capable to developing all they need inhouse within a reasonable time frame.

    So that's it. So long webOS - I will definitely miss you.
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    I hate you. But you might not be wrong. But i want you to be.
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    webOS is nearly dead, it might be a dead end though. But the next 6-12 months we'll be fine, and we'll get new apps and updates. By this time next year it's probably worth moving platform. Android ICS is just new, Windows 8, maybe August next year? Still some time to wait and see.... Stranger things have happened!
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    I've speculated Microsoft flexed it's muscle on HP nearly from the time HP bought Palm. The death nail, IMO, was when HP announced "webOS on every PC".

    When you sell bucket-loads of windows PCs, the OS provider can and does have a very real impact on your ability to retain and grow your customer base.
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    Then again, HP seems to be hell-bent on establishing its own image, and having an easy-to-use OS on consumer devices, separate from Microsoft's Windows' type of branding.

    They proposed, and delivered, the following:

    • HP-branded webOS Phones
    • HP-branded webOS Tablet/s (too bad for the Go)
    • HP-branded webOS Printers

    They know about webOS/Palm's cult-like following, something that they've never had with Microsoft's OS. And this, I believe, will make them decide to keep and reinvigorate their drive towards webOS.

    I mean, that's how Apple stayed and prospered in the market right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcedhk View Post
    So what does HP do about webOS then? Well, it doesn't make business sense to spend any more money on it - why spend hundreds of millions on webOS and possibly continue making a loss when you can spend just tens of millions on Windows Phone/Windows 8 and definitely make a profit?
    Why you sure windows 8 will success and make a profit?

    Up till now Windows 7 just crawls behind giant iOS and Android. It just left in shadow of nowhere. Phone models very limited and app catalog not even opened for every country. Up till now I never touch and play one of them, because my friend that usually import phones from USA never want to import it again. None people want it, the OS looks weird, software collection very limited, and we can't bought any app from catalog/store or whatever they called. So in fate, it is no better then WebOS

    Windows 8, it is new hope from microsoft. But base on its core differs from x86 core and ARM core make the software separated.. so what's the point of it? it is no different compared to windows 7 for pc and windows 7 mobile.
    Microsoft claimed that windows mobile 8 software may works on windows 8 for pc. But for what purpose? it is not vice versa. So far I dreamt that tablet , phone and pc can share same software without confused between mobile version and full version. If Microsoft can make it dream comes true, then Windows 8 will rules! if not... no better then previous OS windows 7.

    If HP can manage WebOS well and make WebOS on PCs, then Microsoft will have bad impact from it, because HP is the biggest PC seller. So in the end, HP can have benefit developing webOS, not just being a partner for "greedy" micro$oft.

    HP need to know what is their power, and weakness.. They have hardware power, if they can do software power via webOS.. then they have bigger chances to rules the market. Not just always being partner.

    If you can be a King.. why you choose to be a right hand?
    Learn from Apple, not other PC company! They have software and hardware power, how much they spent money to achieve that.. billions and billions! but it is worth it. They need not to afraid partner to control their company.

    Read this article , I found this is really an interesting step that HP will do.. what happen next? I really want to know.
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    This just came through from The Guardian (x-posted from 'HP webOS News' forum):

    HP to hold on to PC division – but sources say it will finally kill webOS
    Internal review decides not to spin off world's largest PC maker, but operating system developed for short-lived TouchPad to be closed along with 500 jobs
    Charles Arthur, Friday 28 October 2011 02.18 EDT

    Relevant passage:

    No such statement has been made about the webOS group - but top-level staff have been leaving it and the Guardian understands from internal HP sources that staff within the group expect imminent closure. "There's a 95% chance we all get laid off between now and November, and I for one am thinking it's for the best," one webOS employee told the Guardian. That would affect more than 500 jobs.

    HP has already suffered losses from the top of the webOS division, with Richard Kerris, who resigned earlier this week as HP's vice-president of webOS worldwide developer relations, moving over to mobile phone company Nokia to do essentially the same job.

    Despite HP's attempts to find a potential buyer or licencee for webOS - which ran on the short-lived TouchPad - there has been no apparent interest outside the company. Sir Howard Stringer, chief executive of Sony, told the Guardian on Thursday that he had no immediate interest in buying or licensing it after completing the acquisition of the rest of the Sony Ericsson business. And early suggestions that HTC might purchase it have also fallen away.

    Some have suggested that Amazon might buy webOS, seeing the presence on the Amazon board of ex-Palm chief executive and HP executive Jon Rubinstein, who previously worked for Apple. But there is no indication that Amazon is interested in acquiring another operating system; it is using its own version of Google's Android software for its new Kindle Fire device.


    The Guardian's basically corroborated the rumor on webOSRoundup from a week or so ago and dumped a lot of water on the idea that Sony or Amazon are interested. One hopes this isn't true and HP continues on with webOS, but...

    What it realistically sounds like, if this is true, is that HP said it's have a decision on webOS within two months--not that it'd keep it staffed. That lends itself to HP either keeping webOS for its intellectual property and patents, or selling what it doesn't want of webOS without having to transition the workforce behind it at substantial cost to the purchasing company.
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    Now WebOS is really done:
    HP will keep the PSG but will not produce more WebOS based products. And there was an official announcement to relay on Windows 8. So why would anyone now buy WebOS.
    By the way: They said that the decission what will happen to WebOS will be made:


    Well at least they will end the life of WebOS like they tried to promote it... Today I'll get my Samsung Galaxy S2. Was a nice time WebOS. R.I.P

    By the way: Here's the german article:
    Kein Konzernumbau: Hewlett-Packard behält doch Personalcomputer - Unternehmen - FAZ
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    Webos has over 2000 patents. Amazon has 5, which is why it wants to buy it. Microsoft doesnt care about making Windows phone 7 or 7.5 a best seller right now. It makes 5 bucks on every HTC and Samsung device through patent infringement lawsuits. Hence, it makes more money through sales of android phones.

    Next, Windows phone 7 was meant to be an in between giving Microsoft time to launch a new packaged OS. It was an OS that shows what its latest offering can do. Something like BB OS 7.

    HTC and Amazon have mentioned that they are looking to buy software companies. Hence webos is an obvious choice for patents and technology.

    WEbos failed coz of noobs employed at HP as engineers. We can see with how they have dealt with the new 3.0.4 update..all the bugs and also how they deal with repair.

    For PC its the same story. I have 4 friends and me who have bough an HP laptop at grad school the DV series.. after our warranty expired.. all our laptops were effed up! True Story!
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    OP has some solid points, I agree with quite a lot of it and I do believe that the thinking at HP is very similar to that.

    webos is very likely to die.

    *But* the reasoning is still flawed.

    Among other things:
    Quote Originally Posted by marcedhk View Post
    Even if HP had markets better, prices better, and puts a bit more refinement into the products the chances that they will have an actual hit is still slim to none.
    OP states this like this is a fact - while providing no evidence that this is true. And given the qualifications (better, better, bit more) it's actually likely that somebody would succeed.

    The assumption that nobody else besides Apple can successfully sell Tablets is outright silly.
    They are good at it and they have very nice headstart.

    But I remember the time when Nokias dominance of the cell phone market looked unbeatable. I remember the time when Symbian was a dominant smartphone OS. I remember a time when Palm owned the PDA market.
    I remember when Android first appeared and many (most) commentators where very skeptical about its potential.

    Now Nokia reduced itself to being MS OEM. Android outran IOS a while ago. And Palm is no more.

    Nothing is unassailable.

    *But* one needs to really want that success and make the necessary investments to get there. Apple under Jobs was very successful (and not all the time) because they were very focused on what they want and how to get there.

    I don't see a chance of webos getting licenced. Because there really is not much point in doing so. Why licence webos when you can licence Android already. Sure webos looks nicer and is more polished - but Android looks nice enough, can be re-skinned and has all those apps already available.

    But Apple is making nice margins because they own their own platform.

    There was never a chance that Amazon would buy webos. Doesn't fit, Doesn't make sense. Amazon is not even in the smartphone market. And they are not even really in the tablet *market*. They give away tablets at more or less cost - because the tablets are not the product for Amazon.
    And it would not be good for *us* even if Amazon where to buy webos against all logic. No more smartphones and dumbed down webos on kindle.

    W8 is actually a risky move at this point. Sure - MS is solid when it comes to getting a minimum of apps out and getting devs involved.
    But still - *old* Windows is just bad on tablets and never was a success - after more than a decade of trying.

    W8 brings a new credible bid to the mobile arena - but success if far from assured and *none* of the old windows software will be able to run on W8 and non-Intel X86 based tablets. Windows per se is not a well-liked OS. It's familiar but also widely hated (not just by Linux or OSX fans). The main strong point of Windows is the largest Application availability. If W8 comes out on Intel hardware and compatible with past Windows apps they'll don't get the battery life - which is so important on mobile hardware.
    And ARM-W8 might get the battery life - but starts low on apps.

    And so far the UI has not been a wild success with WP7.

    webos is only interesting for a company that wants to be like Apple and own their own platform. And for such a company neither Android nor WP7/W8 are alternatives. And webos is way better investment than starting a new OS from scratch.
    That was HP in 2010 before they decided to become more like IBM and in hindsight it's clear that HP is confused because the board is infighting about the strategy.

    So it boils down to whether (now that Samsung and HTC are out) a company like Sony or Dell wants to be big in the mobile area. The necessary investments are well worth it if you can Apple-like margins and market share.

    Sony just invested > 1 bn just to own Ericssons share of SE.
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    I like your realism about win8, thanks
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    I just read this at Bloomberg. Someone please tell me we just hit a goldmine.

    "Whitman also isn’t giving up on tablets, despite the dominance of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPad, she said yesterday. The company is working with Microsoft Corp. to use the pending Windows 8 operating system on tablet computers, and Hewlett-Packard may come back to market with a tablet running its own WebOS software, she said.

    “The market was created by Apple,” she said. “That doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a strong No. 2 player.”
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    she is floating the idea, here is your source, doubt bloomberg would run it wighout fact checking. Article said lane is in charge of software, meg hardware. Another bloomberg source says she is consumer. Lane is on record as liking webos.

    HP CEO Whitman Unwinds Apotheker

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